Seasteading Outpost Rincon Thread

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The seasteading outpost rincon thread explored a location near Cartagena.

Original Thread

"Build it and they will come"
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Glad to have this continued. I really like the Rincon location.

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Mike, glad to see you here.
Some photos from the Rincon area…

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That’s beautiful. Now I like the Rincon location even more!

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Forgot, what’s the max wave height at Rincon?

(Wilfried Ellmer) #6

Rincon is protected by the land tonge of BARU form large ocean waves. Water housing platforms like Navegante Cholon (avia isleta) are navigating in the zone.

You can build for low wave ambient as no Draupner impact and no hurricane occurency needs to be part of the design concept.

Avia Isleta built for waves smaller than 1m.

My favorite floating house design for the Rincon floating housing development is this house

built on a light honeycomb floating platform as in the pilot project above. Those platforms are economic and easy to build.

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