Seasteading needs a home in academia (in the West)

(Tom Schaefer) #1

Only a few Asian countries have universities and programs dedicated to integrated Ocean development studies. I’ll be honest: It appears the vast bulk of US Oceanographic studies in the US ( ) are dominated by natural science disciplines and probably greenies who see development as something to be skeptical of, if not outright hostile.

Further, it appears that the “Urban Planning and Development” programs at major US universities are far more interested in what it takes to add 1M people to megalopolises than transforming an encampment into a village or small town.

I suggest the principals of the Seasteading movement try to identify, then market, a major university in the West to become its academic seat. It would ideally: 1) Be on a coast. 2) Be development friendly. 3) Have some engineering reputation. Have some public policy and small business reputation.

I’ll also suggest if this isn’t done pronto, it will be another reason why we loose the race to the oceans to Asian-pacific economic interests.

(.) #2

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