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Concrete has clearly emerged as the most economical and durable material for the building of the vast majority of marine structures. Reinforced concrete too has overcome the technological problems making it a suitable material for the construction of advanced marine structures such as offshore drilling platforms, superspan bridges and undersea tunnels.

As the world becomes increasingly ocean-oriented for energy and other resources it is predicted that construction activities during the 21st century will be dominated by concrete sea structures.

The performance of concrete in the marine environment is presented here in a logical manner giving state-of-the-art reviews of the nature of the marine environment, the composition and properties of concrete, history of concrete performance in seawater, major causes of deterioration of concrete in the marine environment, selection of materials and mix proportioning for durable concrete, recommended concrete practice and repair of deteriorated marine structures. It is of value to any design or construction engineer responsible for marine structures.

Concrete in the Marine Environment (Modern Concrete Technology)

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Inside an ocean sphere - looks and ambients…

Not much difference to urban ambients elswhere on the planet…

Combined Ocean Sphere | Ramform | oceanic settlements

Design @Matias

Ocean Spheres combined with a Ramform to create a oceanic port trade hub…

All structures in the picture can take a Draupner Impact…so they are suitable to settle the WHOLE watermantle of the planet.

Oceanic trade and business hub based on the obsolete technology of landfill…

Small floating trade hub based on the obsolete technolgy of wooden rafts and improvised floating devices…

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Small oceanic trade hub based on the superior technology of light concrete shell, honeycomb and truss shell building…

It is not very far from what could be considered a floating Marina … tending to a small floating settlement becomming a permanent spot on the map a city state.

In this context see more elements that can form part of a floating city

Small personal shell as it could be parked into the lagoon of the Ramform Port Marina

A small lens shell development along a floating walkway placed in the wave protected Ramform…

Open platform for tourism in the caribbean and tropical locations…

A developing floating city based on honeycomb layer technology with anexes of floating marinas…

A floating tunnel | hyperloop | tubular connection that connects a seastead to the mainland…

Inside a light conrete fiber honeyomb shell structure…

Along the lines of these general framework we have put our focus on 3 dozend specific projects we would like to present.

• Get a foothold in ocean colonization technology


The technolgy limits of oceanic concrete Construction | read more

• [Freedom of The Seas - Political Drivers - Convenience](

**beyond confiscatory taxing national state**

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Except, it is an impoverished refugee city, NOT IN/ON THE OCEAN, but rather a relatively sheltered lagoon of Lagos, Nigeria; has absolutely nothing to do with being a ‘trade hub’, except in the manner of bartering for mere survival.

btw, the Makoko School project, the floating A-frame with the cheap blue tarps, in the left foreground, suffered a collapse and doesn’t exist anymore.


Port of Long Beach, California. Actually build on mud flats. The waters deepened by land subsidence, when so much oil was extracted that the field started collapsing. The subsidence was stopped by injecting seawater into the former oilfield.


Artist concepts, not in existence anywhere.


Actually, this dome covers radioactive detritus collected after nuclear bombing tests, and sits atop an atoll.


Plagiarized from…


Actually not designed, or built to withstand any such event, this is…


Not one of Elon Musk’s proposed hyperloop designs, but rather a proposed shortcut by Norway’s Highway department, where actual bridges across fjords aren’t practical.

The first-of-its kind structure will be made up of two 1,200 meter (4,000ft) curved concrete tubes, floating up to 30 meters (100ft) below the surface. The tubes will be supported by pontoons on the surface and kept stable with connecting trusses. For extra stability, the construction might be bolted to the bedrock as well.

On the surface, there would be wide gaps between the pontoons to allow ferries to pass through.


Cloud 9 floating pizaria in Fiji, is nowhere near the Carribean…


Not floating, but, rather an impoverished area in the Philippines, with houses built on stilts, where the people are illiterate and their only means of survival is catching fish and octopi, to sell in a nearby market.


Inside “The Broad” museum, Los Angeles, California


Proposed structure, not actually being built, not tubular…

Honeycomb Facade for Softer Urban Landscape / Sinosteel, Tianjin by MAD Architects


Proposed architecture for Green Climate Fund United Nations in Bonn, Germany


In other words, Wilfried Ellmer is fraudulently snagging pictures from other sources, without giving any credit to the origins, and all the while misrepresenting them as either floating structures, existing structures, oceanic structures, etc., in order to attempt to appeal to ‘investors’ without doing anything.


The Elmo Ass. is doing exactly what it has previously been reprimanded for doing …

… spamming the comment threads with the same images and links that, ultimately, lead to Elmo’s commercial links.

As the Admin wrote … “… over and over and over and over …”

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