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Seasteading is underevaluated as investment field need to fix that…

Erroneous perceptions based on lacking knowledge:

• Nothing has been constructued yet
• Nobody is doing building anything

To get a clear view check on: Awareness what is out there already





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Everyone that is remotely interested in seasteading is well and truly aware that you want free money, and preferably a fully engineered set of plans, along with a turn-key ready business, to steal and make yourself rich and famous.

Nobody’s buying Wil’s Patent-pending Snake oil.

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Back on topic | Seasteading Invest

How can we push the agenda of putting seasteading on the investor portfolio horizon ?


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back on topic

context: | Breakaway Civilization | Oceanic Aquaculture | Oceanic Real Estate |

Technology limits of oceanic construction | read here


The topic was created to pull commercial crap out of Elmo’s Ass. and get money from TSI readers for your phony “investment” schemes, @Elmo.

It is on-topic to point out that your posts on TSI are only for the purpose of promoting your failing self-serving schemes … like your concrete submarine that sank.



Billions of dollars have been expended on oceanic energy. So far, the only OTEC operating is in Hawaii and it isn’t doing what it was supposed to do. Offshore Wind Farms exist, cost billions and the power costs millions in cabling per mile, to transmit

  1. Aquaculture

Costs millions to purchase ready-to-use equipment, more for stocking, more for feeding, requires permits, and has proven to both pollute and spread disease within ‘wild’ forms of sea-life, as well.

3)Real Estate

Depends on what you are talking about, but it has to be built, which requires a facility, supplies, energy, laborers, sanitation and Lord only knows what permits and pollution controls the local government will require, not to mention meeting the standards where built, and where utilized.


Limited choices 1-if-by-air, 2-if-by-sea… Neither is very cheap, or cost effective, which is why ships and boats are built in land-based facilities, not at sea.

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If made in US, Trump can Help alone with US based firms alone, Tax cuts & credits.
Seastead production sites: CA OR WA, FL GA NC SC VA CT & So TX, LA. AL.
Assembly sites: HI, USVI, PR, FL Keys alone to tow to final site,
ALL above plans if used in US Trump should OK.

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Joe Quirk investor Pitch Dubai - glad to see the TSI become more business oriented

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@joequirk - are there investor talks sheduled on the Tahiti meeting ? (pls. contact me over the Private Message function of the forum, if you don´t want to speak out in public…)

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Tahiti meeting went great…chad liked it | congrats @joequirk and @RandolphHencken

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Hypothesis: Next step of development on the “evolutionary line of seasteading” is, to make seasteading interesting for investors.

Hypothesis: Seasteading is investor driven ocean colonization development.

Hypothesis: Sesteading will develop along 5 major axes of business (The big five of ocean colonization)

Hypothesis: There is little “potential” in “making pointless experiments” - the key for phase1 is to make the point.

Hypothesis: Seasteading ventures like the “oceanic business alliance” have a “credible mecanism” to promise a sustained 10%+ yield per year during the next 3 decades, to investors. That is SOMETHING in the world of investment

Hypothesis: the real estate deal drives seasteading

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Hypothesis: A seastead developer needs to know how to steer the project free of the most common reefs.

One of the most important reefs:

• The project is a pointless experiment not creating a new waypoint on the evolutionary line of seasteading (ref.843). It will not bring you through phase 1 investor conversation.(ref.934)


To have a successful phase 1 investor conversation you need to introduce spectacular light floating honeycomb architecture (ref.374) very early in the project.

Theory: There is no upside in talking to the “agressive Umpa Lumpa segment”…

Hypothesis: If somebody behaves like an Umpa Lumpa on public forum it is probably because he IS an umpa lumpa. (ref.231) - don´t feed the Troll…


Hasn’t worked for you.


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Hypothesis: The seasteads of tomorrow are the floating wharfs, floating marinas, and deep water ports of today . | evolutionary line of seasteading | 361 |

Hypothesis: If somebody behaves like an Umpa Lumpa on public forum it is probably because he IS an umpa lumpa. (ref.231) - don´t feed the Troll…


It does not make a lot of sense for anybody who is interested in the thread topic to keep debating this on an “umpa lumpa overrun forum” - so i suggest to take this topic to a interference free space - at the end Seasteading is about interference freedom. …

Topic here is:

#Seasteading Invest | the big five of ocean colonization | investment yield 10%+ |

Picture the Ramform | get invested | get started | oceanic business alliance

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