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Two users posted investment returns data and both show a steady decrease in such returns as the “financial frontier” becomes populated by more mainstreamers than pioneers.
(I’d love to know where to get such a safe 9% in 2016 in the securities market)

Speaking on Mark Cuban’s league, as Peter Thiel said, traditional industries (and investments), the zeros, depend on pioneering start ups (and investments) for the ones.

We have seen innovation in the digital sphere (which translated to the financial markets from the 90s on) and now retrofitting the pre’digital world is conflictive and unrewarding enough to allow for the innovation that can occur on a blank slate of regulation and fluid movement.


… and as I said, if you want them to invest, give them an example that works, and makes them feel comfortable, to invest IN.

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“Your Seaside home in the Sea.
Your own Sea Nation ( see Asgardia.Space).
Your Plank in the Sea Fixed.
3rd Vacation Home
Treasures Beneath ( Gas, oil, ores, sunken wrecks, drugs & tidal energy).
Fresh fish daily caught by vacum device??
Free solar & wind, wave power for Colony
Your own State at Sea.”

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• Hypothesis 1 : At this stage of seasteading it is of utmost importance to create a phase 1 floating structure that makes the point

• Hypothesis 2 : A demo structure is the best “investor deck” we can create.

• Hypothesis 3 : Seasteading is underevaluated as investment field

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With a new president Trump (embracing hatrey and xenophobics) running the US, investing outside - might just have become a lot more attractive for the insightfull investor. Ocean Colonization is about render politics as we know it - irreleveant.


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The prospect of a surge in xenofobics, distribution conflicts, nationalism and in consequence a planet fractured in warzones where global trade and colaboration collapses due to ruthless politicians following their self interest and only one of four families has food on the table, seems to be the right ambient to remind the oceanic business alliance proposal 6.3 The Captain Nemo global mobile oceanic family ark…the ultimate prepper solution.

• Travel worldwide without crossing borders
• Stay unaffected by Trump Walls
• Stay in the open ocean for long time periods in comfort.
• Run your business offshored - safe some of your assets during doomsday or corralito.
• Be citizen of no state - enlist in nobodies army.
• Be subdue to nobody
• Survive nuclear war
• Reach the few habitable zones of the planet “the day after nationalists shoot it out with China and Russia”
• Store hundreds of tons of food to feed your Family through nuclear winter.
• Be independent of Marinas and Harbor shelter when the climate and nations go wild.

And if all that does NOT happen still have the best mobile business headquaters that money can buy …

Picture the Ramform | get invested | get started | oceanic business alliance
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• Todays marine business is tomorrows Seasteading - Evolutionary Approach

• What defines Seasteading - Many Colors and Forms

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• it is of importance to solve the bottleneck of ocean colonization

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…how oceanic biofuel made from kelp and algea will be key in the energy solution


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Aquaculture is big business.…as we speak and is on its way to explosive growth…


Why must every post by Elmo either be

… a direct commercial for his “investment” scheme

… or include a hyperlink to a commercial for his “investment” scheme?

Q - Does Elmo ever post anything other than a commercial for his “investment” scheme? :unamused:

A - NO !!! :open_mouth:


Apparently, Elmo’s commercials have been objectionable for quite some time. :unamused:

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Breakaway Civilization | Medic Seastead | Vent Base Alpha | Core Technology investment | seasteading power generation |

Alex Salamanca on June 30, 2016

Technology has revolutionized our world, streamlining complex tasks and rapidly breaking down the barriers between developed and developing cities. Some cities in our world are more prepared than others for the future of technology, whether it be due to their integrated smart city plans, their push for universal access to internet, or their suitability for software and digital production. All cities on this list have been ranked by the Pricewaterhouse Coopers Cities of Opportunity 6 Report, which analyzes the current performance and future trajectory of a host of cities based on their internet access in schools, broadband quality, digital economy, and software development and multimedia design…

more here (list of most tech advanced cities)

Source: PWC & ITU News, Image: Wikimedia

Seoul is the economic powerhouse of South Korea, producing 21% of national GDP while occupying less than 1% of the land mass. Home to tech giants such as Samsung and LG, Seoul has launched a “smart city” initiative, like Dubai. For a start, the city is giving out second-hand smart devices to low-income families, aiming to connect everyone to the city’s high-speed wireless networks. This high-tech hub even has intelligent CCTV cameras which can detect trespassing and high-tech street lamps which broadcast audio and give wireless internet access.

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• Oceanic Energy - LNG the big energy solution integrator | read more

• Medic seastead - free science on the ocean | read more

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How the architecture of a floating city could look like …

Light honeycomb truss shell structures in coding free construction ambient…

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• seastead architecture will be oriented to the interior patio and it will be covered by wave impact save shell solutions.

Does this mean living in enclosed dark ambients ? - certainly not. This can be ambient of an Ocean Sphere.

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Tubular shell structures are in construction as we speak …