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“The Ganymeade Protocol” - Don Elwell

Cover Description:
Katie has a problem. As a young woman in an increasingly repressive world, it seems every day more options are closed to her, and surprising changes in her relationship with her girlhood friend Sandy are apt to land both of them in a state reeducation camp. When her stepfather begins making noises about “finding her a suitable husband.” Kate knew she had to do something. What that something would be is a bit of an issue. The newly unified Europe is off limits to Americans, as are the shining cities of Surinam and Venezuela, and crossing the heavily fortified Canadian border is out of the question. But out on the warming waters of the Gulf and Caribbean sails The Fleet, a collection of small boats with its roots in the pirates of the early 19th century. it is a place of artists and rebels and iconoclasts, of dangerous free spirits and pirates, circling endlessly in the waters, rafting when they can, sailing when they must. The righteous government of America hates them with a passion. It’s said, in the Fleet, you can be anything you say you are. It’s said, in the Fleet, there are no rules, no judgments, only the freedom to be who you are. And out at the docks sits the little sailboat Ganymeade, lovingly built by Kate and her late Father before the cancer had eaten him. Kate has a plan. A plan to escape with Sandy, a plan to be free, and despite the threat of insane governments, religious wackos, and looming natural disasters, a plan to, just maybe, become part of something greater than herself. She calls it the Ganymeade Protocol.

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IMHO, this is a good read, but a bit sparse on things an older adult would want. True, this is more of a Juvenile-Fiction story, but I think it would be more appealing to a wider range of readers if it was a bit more detailed.

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Do you plan to expand the story-line begun with “The Ganymeade Protocol”? Would you consider a more thorough description of the way the fleet is governed, beginning with the pirates code and the evolution through “The Ganymeade Protocol”? As a ‘seasteading’ enthusiast, I feel that there are other stories there, to be told, and the operations, rules and regulations of the fleet as a body, is fascinating.

Don Elwell:
Jeffery, thanks for writing. I’m in the process of creating a sequel to the book, which will probably go into a bit more detail on the mechanics of the fleet, and of the fleet as it evolves. I’m a seasteading enthusiast as well, and a livaboard, so this stuff is also on my mind a lot. I actually removed a bit of the detail of the fleet–specifically of the Articles–from the original book in favor of leaving more to the reader’s imagination, partly because I thought the detail might get in the way of the story. Perhaps, given some of the reactions I’ve gotten, I should include them in future iterations of the tale.

Thanks again,

Can people cruising in sail boats form a government?
(PaulMarrow) #2

Haven’t checked it out but it sounds sort of like my thoughts exactly. There was a PDF of it but the link is dead now. The author sounds like he would have loved Burning Man, he’s probably been I’d wager.