Seasteading as a precursor to Mars


Without access to funding for design, modeling and testing, let alone full-scale construction, the entire prospect is fantasy.

While TSI has focused on an attempt for protected waters, members have tried to configure realistic approaches for solving a wide variety of the problems we have discussed in this forum.

In many ways, Seasteading should be the logical step before such things as the Mars Colony stuff floated by the US and Russian governments. If we cannot solve the logistics for something on this planet, it will be a fatal disaster for something like a Mars Colony.


Food -
I.M.T.A. (Integrated Multi-Tropic Aquaponics/Aquaculture)

Organic Hydroponics

Compost Gardening (@katontri proposed this and @Noboxes preferred method)

Waste Handling - Very few have considered anything other than collect and treat elsewhere, or, most suggest sterilize and dump. My own idea is to use Anaerobic digestion as treatment, energy resource and to utilize the effluent in Organic Hydroponics. Another proven method would be composting and using that in gardening.

Environmental adaptations, to make protected areas for Aquaculture

Design and Structure Consideration, for expected environmental conditions have been discussed, my preferences being the Sparbuoy design, Tension Leg Platforms and the Ramform Hull

Water - Several well documented methods, including reverse osmosis and evaporation from seawater and condensing for freshwater supply have been discussed.

Energy - Solar, Wind, Wave-power, OTEC, as well as the far-fetched use of Nuclear reactors have been discussed.

Probably the best materials discussion has been regarding Geopolymer/Basalt-Reinforcement alternative to Ferrocement.

UK Physicist wanting to learn more about seasteading
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I am actively working the design, market, financial and physical feasibility of a commuity on Mars. Many of the issues are similar to a sea stead of the orginal concept: MVP – minimal viable population to genetically reproduce; self-sustaining - thus sufficient food divided among hydroponic farms and integrated aquaculture. I shared all of my prior work on seasteading a year ago with Randy and Joe including why they were going to fail in Polynesia. Join with me in a simple market feasibility of a seastead. Assume for simplicity that the seastead is a “prototype.” The physicl design, quality of life, economics are all identical. The only variable is the location. South seas/ off the west coast? of the East coast? The Persian Gulf? ---- There is a method to answer this question — the “gravity model.” Since we are welcoming a physicist ---- look it up. The “income qualified” educated youth who seek adventure are mostly locted in the US. Cartegna is a shorter travel time and cost than Polynesia than Polynesia — even from the west coast of the US. ---- Imagine two movie theaters showing the same film at the same price — one is 30-minutes form you and the other is 12 hours ---- What is the capture rate of each — it is the ratio of distance expressed in time squared ---- I shared this with Randy and Joe 12 months ago — with the solution!!! — Change the film or change the location! — I also changed the film for them — mix of permanent residents, club members and live-work-play — activities — “open book” — NADA! — I will shrotly publish. Ted

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Hello Mr. Amenta;

Welcome back! Good to see a post from you again.
Publishing is good, and all that analysis is good.
I will look at it.

Thank you;

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Thank you Spark. I am not expecting to come back into the forum other than an occassional input if asked. Rather, I encourage you and our forum sharing colleagues to consider a forum concerning MARS Alpha — with Elmer as the host. Concerning seasteading, my interest was a self-sustaining community. I have been involved in destination resort and paid-admission attractions since 1964 (I know. I get it, older than you I expect). — The best location I tested is Cartegena. I tested many. I encourage you and others to consider off-planet alternatives. Ted

Sending Elmer to Mars
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Hi Mr. Amenta;

Thank you for the update.

Likewise, I would like to encourage you too to consider the off-planet alternatives.

I do not have a vehicle for that yet. So, I will just wait for that development.

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