Seastead support base on GOM

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If you actually have land on the water, or within yelling distance of a boat ramp, what would it take to get you to allow someone to trailer boat parts there to assemble them and launch them? What are your needs and rules?

If you do not have such waterfront land, or a marina, or land near a marina, i do not need to hear your guesses, boat ideas, or ideas for building a new marina at this time.

Blue Frontiers: An Independent For-Profit Seasteading Venture

Where on the Gulf of Mexico?

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Between Pensacola and New Orleans, ideally. Someplace safer than Codon Alabama, and not attention-getting. I’d be there in winter, if that’s an off-season time.

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I used to have a house with a boat ramp on the gulf of mexico. Winter is definitely not the off-season in the south. That’s when all of the snowbirds come down.

If I still had the house my biggest question would be…how long do you need to get it set up and in the water?

If it’s just a day most people would just ask for a six pack. If it’s over a month people would likely start discussing rent.

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Depending on the situation there, i can deliver one hull at a time over a two week period, or an 18-wheeler flatbed in one trip. Either way, if the ramp is typical 10ft lanes, i toss the hulls in and assemble in the water, if the ramp is 20ft and wider praps i can assemble on land. I am presuming a skinny ramp, and launching/assembly will take a week after it’s all there.

Whereever this launching happens, i will need to locate a mooring too.

When are the quiet times, if not winter? I can see snowbirds in Florida, but do they settle all around the northern edge of the GOM?


Yet, I tried to get some help pitching in toward down payment on acreage where I float the balance of the note, for parking, construction space and eventually putting in a full support facility… Had a nearly ideal spot, water access, roadway as ramp, highway access for truck delivery, space to land, space to grow fresh produce, even set up mail, supplies, parcel delivery.

Folks want a gimme, but nobody seems to want enough involvement to actually make it happen.

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I have no piles of cash sitting around, and am talking to a lawyer about misrepresentations on my credit. Last acreage on the water you mentioned was $millions.


Understood, but you’re not talking about the same thing others were. You plan to assemble launch and go bye-bye, come back once in a while, as needed. Others wanted space to do the entire build, park indefinitely, etc.

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I thought i’d post an excerpt of an email i recently wrote, and a follow-up, so just imagine these words fit here…

Build something which can be set into the water on available ramps, as a free-floating entity, or a module to be linked to a larger floating structure. But you can let those people with money build right on the water’s edge, the SSB needs the ramp into the water, not the 200ft of adjacent land.

Besides, if you are having a conference to promote seasteading, what would you rather use to impress people, a self-supporting floating structure which can be used as a conference center or manufacturing site, or a large land base purporting to be necessary for seasteading? (Caveats apply: an SSB is still required for interface and translation of land-based availablity of goods and services to the water-based people and systems.)


Growing food doesn’t HAVE to LOOK like ‘farming’. They grow food all over the local University campus in the form of landscaping to grow vegetables and fruits. (Yes, I can almost see you rolling your eyes) There, it’s 1st-come/1st-served… If you get the ripened broccoli, cauliflower, strawberries, cabbage, lettuce, herbs, etc. before the cooks do, that’s fine and dandy. If they get it, oh well, it’ll be prepared in the cafeteria…

Pick your battles and find ways around obstacles…

In the Army, I was taught to Infiltrate, Adapt, Overcome, Exfiltrate… This is just as applicable, in this scenario.

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I deleted several posts after the one you just replied to, because Larry is now saying i am unhelpful too. I tried to del that one, and cannot. I tried planting vines up on the roof as shade, but too hot up there.

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Post is withdrawn will be deleted … etc…

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Me too. If i can grow 30% of the ingredients for a pizza or BLT or cheeseburger or bloody mary for free, and it’s fresh and tastes better, i’m 30% happier!