SeaStead spokesperson/s , groups

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These should speak For Seasteading:

Prince Namor ( Submariner) Marvel comics
Aquaman, DC comics
Ex cast from TV show Man From Atlantis
Bridges klan ( LLoyd Bridges from Seahunt).
Ex cast to Seaquest DSV.
Costeau kin.
Other fictional hero??
Jules Verne
Capt Nemo

for radio, TV ads alone

To PR Seastead

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Interesting. When looking at the Salon article, there are a lot of people who fear the concept (libertarian billionaires, yadda yadda yadda), so it would be tough to get someone like the Cousteau’s involved, though it would be much better from a PR perspective to get someone real vs. fictional supporting the effort, perhaps from an ocean ecology perspective, non-1%ers, etc.

Might even be interesting to partner with the Maldives… Put the face of climate change on the effort

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Although I do love the idea of Seaquest :smile:

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Best to have spokespersons with some nautical knowhow or Love of the Sea.
Otherwise it wont “sell” much.

Media models:
Sea Hunt
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
Adventures in Paradise.

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