Seastead Residence and Bed & Breakfast?


But that steel is also a lot of strength, is replacing it with thin ferro going to be as durable?


The first semisubmersible arrived by accident in 1961. Blue Water Drilling Company owned and operated the four column submersible drilling rig Blue Water Rig No.1 in the Gulf of Mexico for Shell Oil Company. As the pontoons were not sufficiently buoyant to support the weight of the rig and its consumables, it was towed between locations at a draught mid way between the top of the pontoons and the underside of the deck. It was observed that the motions at this draught were very small, and Blue Water Drilling and Shell jointly decided that the rig could be operated in the floating mode.

If you’ll remember, I’ve posted that it was/is ferrocement, and celebrated 50+ years of service, but I have been unable to learn anything more.


What if you salvaged a regular boat hull, a cargo carrier, or a barge, and semi-floated it, still full of water, right at the surface?


Floating tanks (giant tubs, if you will) are used, as well. Semi-closed floating aquaculture pens.

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This thread topic makes one imagine a floating hotel (guest rooms in a private residence, B&B, boutique hotel, it’s all the same thing with a different or no bow) but the idea of combining it with the ocean equivalent of agritourism just makes sense!

I was just writing and posting videos about it here


There are many varieties of Bed & Breakfast lodgings. In this area (especially the Texas Hill Country), quite often there are any number of small, individual cabins, across a small farm, that are billed as such. I got engaged to my wife at one, staying in an upgraded 100 year-old, 1-room log cabin.

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