Seastead Residence and Bed & Breakfast?


Take something like this, at 1/10th the scale, or even smaller, maybe 134ft high?

Put in a central residence and dinning room/lounge on the main level, residence above that. and a hydroponics greenhouse on the roof and on maybe 1/2-2/3 of the outer spars, with cabins spaced apart by them. Something properly designed around the Jellyfish Barge concept, that is actually capable of providing enough food to meet the demand, and desalinated water for typical consumption.

Use Biogas digesters to treat waste and make fertilizer for the hydroponics

Fish pen is a semi-closed habitat, much like canned hunts are, these days. Kelp bed, various fish at various levels of the food chain, floating oyster and abalone beds, etc.

“Catch of the Day” being the main meal, provided by spear-fishing, paying guests, prepared by the resident seasteaders/owners and possibly some staff.

Run it as an exotic B&B destination. Snorkeling, S.C.U.B.A. diving, glass-bottom paddle-boats, etc.

Say it has 6 suites, at up to 4 people per suite and prime reservation is equivalent to a spearfishing trip, elsewhere. Just no sharks to worry about…

Put it somewhere like the Pacific Northwest, say, Northern California to Seattle, away from typhoon activity. Folks provide their own transportation to and from, just like other get-away-destination, only maybe they sail out in a yacht, or power out in a cigarette-boat, whatever. Local fishing guides for deep-sea angling available, that sort of thing.

Goal: A profitable business, and permanent residence on the sea, with all the typical bed-and-breakfast accommodations and amenities. Maybe sea-taxi service so someone can hit the mall, or whatever.

Secondary goal: generate the infrastructure to build the main components. Once the spar-buoy is modular, and available for other applications, you now have a develop-able, salable platform technique. Slight restructure and make a heli-pad, or a domed hydroponics/aquaponics farm, that could also have an indoor park atmosphere (Moody Gardens?)

Hell, put out a family business to get someone ON the sea, regardless of the EEZ, or anything political. SHOW that it CAN be done. Maybe Mom and Pop are under contract to own it, after the corporation runs it for 10-20 years, with reasonable pay, so they have a vested interest in staying and maintaining a hospitable atmosphere. They have the option of filling vacancies with family and friends, especially in off-season.

PNW Bora-Bora?


Love the idea, just need to get something, anything, out there to prove it is a 365-day liveable environment. With desired amenities. Then find someone to fund it.

Have you researched how those offshore towers, off S Carolina, are doing as B&B situations?


Evolution of my whole concept, just scaled back into a B&B, with 1 large pen, rather than a number of commercial fish pens. Put it in a relatively low-hazard zone, so it gets anchored and never needs towing, short of a major refit. Design around using such things as swimming pool scrubbers, to keep bio-fouling at a minimum. Minor net damages should be able to be repaired from inside, major issues may require a section to be replaced, but, even then, it should be able to be done from the inside, so as to minimize risks.


I like this persons’ concept for the tension-leg platform anchors. The hollow anchors can be floated out, sunk into position, then remotely filled with material from the seafloor. Later, it should also be possible, if absolutely necessary, to empty and re-float them.


Ballpark estimate, with the height as ~137 ft, radius of ~137 ft, puts the enclosed area at ~1.3 acres. As a dodecagon (12-sided regular polygon), with the option of a greenhouse, or 2 between each suite, along the perimeter, 6 suites can be separated by over a radius, for privacy. If the greenhouse above the lounge/owners’ residence is sufficient for hydroponic fruits and vegetables, there could be 12 suites, but then you would need a cleaning staff, as the facility gets to higher occupancy levels.

Typical B&B provides one group meal, daily, an open coffee and pastry bar. Some sort of fix-it-yourself quick-meals could be arranged, such as vending for microwavables.


Another thing. One of the ag-domes could house poultry and rabbits… Kelp can be used as fodder…!


That man pays over $1.40/lb ($70 for 50lbs plus shipping) for dried chopped kelp. Wow.


Pisbarca, Saville, Spain

Initial structure cost an est. 1.5 M Pounds.


Out of my price range.


Initial, as in 1st one. 1996, I believe,…

Hell, I emailed Shell Oil about the whereabouts and status of Blue Water Rig No. 1… 1961… 1st semi-submersible rig, ever.


That one i have been interested in. But remember, it was accidental, it’s not proven that the legs must be that fat.



The accident was that they found it particularly stable, when towing partially submerged, and that they miscalculated the buoyancy, so it would not carry the design load.


So, how about the floating breakwater as a water power generator and wave-energy re-director…?

As I was saying in the breakwater discussion… REDIRECT the forces, rather than building a battering ram…


A pentagon, 75 meters on a side, would enclose almost 2.5 acres. Given 2 leading edges, with this type breakwater, and a trailing edge as a docking area, along with, say 5 good azimuth thrusters, can maneuver and maintain a heading into the waves, motor out of serious danger, etc. Use a pen-bottom that can be lowered and raised, to maintain mobility.

Simple, elegant solution to most of the problems, with enough predator-free space to make a dive-destination/B&B and serve as a Seastead, for a couple, or small family.


Demo of a wind & wave co-generation platform…


Australia — Using Tuna pens as giant shark-dive cages… Damn, and I thought I had a somewhat original idea…


As the old saw goes, good fences make for good neighbors…

This white shark mysteriously appeared inside the above fish pen and it is thought that it either bit
through the netting, or leapt the 2.3 [external link] m surrounding electrified fence while chasing a seal. (Reuters - Handout)

(Larry G) #19

That’ll ruin your day if you’re expecting a nice safe swim.


Remember i said something about lots of little cheap cameras keeping an eye on such goingson?