Seastead Nations

(stephen russell) #1

Adopt the Native American Indian Tribal Lands Govt Model.
See Navajo Nation, 5 Tribes Nation ( CA).
Use as Model for Seasteading.
These tribes have Indie nations within the US with OWN laws, police, etc.
Same for Seasteading.
& or Spacesteading.
Apply worldwide.

If Native tribes have done this for 100 years, We can.


The Indigenous Peoples are labeled as Domestic Dependent Nations and not entirely ‘sovereign’. They are not allowed independent negotiation with other nations, and are subject to the laws and taxation of the US.

(Richard Sheak) #3

The only way I can see a Seastead becoming an independent nation is if it was moored over 200 miles off the coast of the United States. Once outside the economic zone and recognized international borders you would require a self sustaining economy to support trade. That would be the minimum requirement I could see as a place to begin.

(stephen russell) #4

The basic model is the Indian Nation concept BUT need legislation to allow Trade, but said Indian Nations do trade among the states they reside in.
Now apply to Seasteading only much Bigger “acerage”. Seastead Trade would be Global vs Indian Nations via truck lines into Native Nations only.


Then you’ll have to be careful who you choose as a host nation and what the agreement says. Even then, plan on limiting trade to approved connections, that can change with the global political climate.

My suggestion is that anything wanting to be called a seastead should strive first for self-sufficiency, as a matter of design, then worry about trade at a later time, when the ability to produce is proven to exceed internal needs.

My own, initial project is a yacht, aimed at proving some, not all aspects of my concept, while other portions are proven ashore. Once that is all covered, I plan a larger version, to combine all of those elements, and add multi-trophic aquaculture/mariculture, to show the commercial potential. Demo-scale out of my own pocket, and look for investors when I have something to show them, other than mere pictures on a computer.

(stephen russell) #6

Agreed. Trade later once SS is Estd.

(Jordan) #7

While Native American nations have survived for a very long time, they have not been generally SUCCESSFUL as a people or a culture. There are some great economies surrounding gambling, and some mediocre ones related to cotton, and probably others that I don’t know about, but they are not SUCCESSFUL. I think that it’s not a good model because of that. Arguing otherwise is similar in my mind to a communist arguing that communism works, but it just never has because it hasn’t been properly implemented.

(Blank Name) #8

Why be part of the US?


Why not? Personally, it suits me fine, and I have vested interests in remaining in and in being part of the US. Feel free to do as you feel suits you. Migrate, get citizenship where you feel it is suitable. THAT is entirely up to you.


I think the model of the indian tribes and the US government is helpful, but the most likely model for the seasteading and the future of the oceans in general is the Holy Roman Empire. A nominal leader with lots of “imperial free cities” and then feudal type arrangements for the fish and seabed.

(stephen russell) #11

IE when Rome was divided into West & East then model.
But use Incentives for fishing etc or lose revenue alone for Seasteading.
Love the idea.
Need Global Seastead Naval force to deter hostile nations & pirate bands alone,
Seastead Naval model: WASP from TV show Stingray 1960s UK TV.