Seastead lecture series

(Chad Elwartowski) #1

I think it would be great to have a weekly lecture by someone explaining an innovative field akin to a TED talk on the seastead.
Most people willing to relocate to a seastead would likely be open to new ideas and would be a prime audience for advanced thinkers to introduce innovative topics from a broad range of topics.

We would likely have a few experts in various fields living on the seastead that would bring their knowledge to the rest of us.

(Bob LLewellyn) #2

Elwar, I think that you are just the type of person to handle the education program. If we are going to be accepted as a real community at sea, we will have to provide some kind of structure that people expect as part of a community, like education. I know it’s all over the internet but we still need to address the subject.

There are a lot of lectures on the internet. Why not look around and find a lecture or film on some aspect that has to do with Seasteading and post it as the lecture series of the week? This would give people that may be curious about us a reason to come back and see what’s new this week.

Also, we should have a news letter or maybe some space in the TSI news letter. Other education projects like evaluating online schools and maybe negotiating a discount for our students. Any realtor can verify that when a family is considering a home they want to know the crime rate and secondly, about the schools.

It would help the project along if you could.


If you look at the newsletter page on the main TSI website, you’ll see the regular newsletters were discontinued a year ago:

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Probably used the wrong name but I refer to the e-mail that I get with Joe Quark, what do we call this? At the bottom they have this, “Copyright © 2015 The Seasteading Institute, All rights reserved.
You are receiving this email because you opted to join our mailing list.”

I didn’t know what to call it but that is what I meant.


That’s the replacement for the newsletter. But unlike the newsletters, each is a single topic and generally mirrors a TSI blog post.

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I understand, so what you are saying is that side of the operations is closed to the forum members. They do their thing and we do ours?


(Mark Stephan) #7

I hope not. I hope there’s some cross fertilization and ability for us to use that as a tool for education, etc.


Speaking as someone who is on both sides of the fence, I wish there were less of a dichotomy than exists.

But my main point is …

If it were still a multi-topic newsletter, then it would make sense to request that each newsletter contain a whatever-it-is-that-you-are-envisioning.

But since each email is now single topic, and since those emails are official communications of the TSI staff, it’s not a natural fit.

But it’s possible that they might be open to it. I suggest that the group come up with a clear proposal of what you want to do email-wise and how often, then present it to Randy and Joe.

Other the other hand, here in the forum you can pretty do what you want as long as you stay within the Forum Guidelines and the Terms of Service.

(Bob LLewellyn) #9

Dichotomy? I wish it were only a dichotomy. What we have here is a heard of cats…
There is the staff that doesn’t get on or talk to the forum and a forum of individualist that won’t listen to anyone else because they know what needs to be done. The result is no investors and a lot of talk. I know this syndrome, I know it very well, the Libertarian party is chock full of it. That’s why libertarians can win any debate while losing every election. But they all know best.

This forum is a natural hang out for libertarians but until you are able to make changes in you, the world will continue to change around you and leave you talking about a 250 year old constitution which has failed because there isn’t enough 250 year old people to keep it alive.

What does this group have to offer anyone? How about investors, what do you have to offer them? The only reason to make anything is for its functionality. We are talking about cost per square meter but how people are going to make a living is not even considered. I don’t care how pretty you make it, I was a licensed realtor and if you are talking a location that has nothing but blue water, I can’t help you. But we don’t even have blue water, just blue skies.

So, if you think you are building a real estate project, forget it, it won’t work. But a marina? yea, that will work because there are already boaters and they already have a need that we can satisfy.

Freedom and ideals can come along for the ride because it is an added attraction. However, a floating city as a libertarian escape, is a pipe dream, legal or other wise. You have got to be able to make a living. Your seastead has to be like a homestead. The homesteaders went out to get a business. Back in the 1800 and early 1900, most people had a farm, they made their living off of their land. They fed and housed themselves on their homestead and raise beef or sheep to sell to the market. A homestead is a business, not nation building, not a real estate opportunity, it is a business. If a seastead is ever going to work, you have to treat it like a business.

As a business, you can get investors, it is done all of the time. So what does an investor look for? A reasonable return without excessive risk. A village in the ocean, that has never been done before, that is a risk. A floating sphere that people live in, that has never been done before, that is a risk, People that have never put together a project of this type before that is a risk. And the risks grow. I would not invest my retirement on something that scary.

Start slow, go with what they know. You point to Venice, it is a city in the water but close to shore. We are going to build a Venice but further out at sea, that is believable. Investors may want to get in on that. Before you build anything you have got to build trust. You can’t do that by winning a debate. Cooperation is the single biggest key to any successful endeavor.

If you want to talk about something, talk about what your goals are. Write them big on the forum. This is what we are all about and what we are going to do. Then, come up with a mission statement and then a business plan. You do that, you will get your investors because investors are of the business world.

What will most like happen is everyone will continue to pull in different directions and nothing will get done. Then one day archer-daniels-midland will decide that they want to farm the oceans and a seavillage will be built and it will grow and there will be people making a living in the oceans and the Seastead what-ever will have lost it’s opportunity to do anything and everyone will move on.

Now this was a lecture only by its length. But I’m a teacher, I teach investing. I feel that I can do a lecture on investors and how to attract them because that is what I do for a living. It is reasonable that I would know something about this field. So everyone can get pissed off at me for sharing what I know from experience because it isn’t the way you see it, or we can do something different and change the momentum.

Right now we have a weird soccer game that is played on a round field with no goals anywhere. The players are wearing themselves out physically and emotionally but there is no hope of winning, there is no hope of scoring. There are no goals. If we get goals, there is a chance to achieve them. No goals and you get a lot of people running around kicking things.

(Chad Elwartowski) #10

I agree, there will be a lot of talk with no action. I have been part of a free town project before where a group of free minded people discussed for over a year finding the best city to buy a large amount of land and build a small community. We discussed the best places, what the community would be like, what would be allowed etc…
We finally had a top five locations for starting our small community, a guy fresh out of college who’s father did similar real estate work decided he would visit the various sites for us, give us information on the real estate and create the corporate structure where we could all invest and be part owners. He got the legal framework set up and had a contract prepared, we all agreed on $10k per 5 acres. So it was finally time for this community of like minded individuals to put their money up to put toward buying some land. I sent $20k, another couple sent $20k…and that was it. We waited a couple of months for anyone else to put up their money and everyone went silent. He returned my money minus a few hundred for his fee (which we had agreed upon). And that was it.

You are right that a lot of people will drop out once it comes to interrupting their current lives, but I for one will be living on the ocean by 2020 whether on a seastead or a catamaran. That is my 5 year plan and I am structuring my life around that goal.

(Chad Elwartowski) #11

As far as setting something up now, I was thinking more of something on the seastead :smile:


The dichotomy is between the TSI staff and the forum participants. Within the forum participants themselves, yes, a herd of cats is probably a good analogy.

As for the Libertarian Party, I gave up on them because they aren’t serious about getting candidates elected. They are content to “send a message”. And when a Libertarian actually gets elected … whoo whee … “Sure, he only got elected as dogcatcher in a non-partisan election, but everyone knew he was a Libertarian!”. Yeah, right, big win for the Libertarians.

Technically I’m still a Life Member of the Libertarian Party, but I changed my voter registration to non-partisan. But I didn’t vote in 2014 and I’m not going to vote in 2016, which will result in my voter registration being automatically canceled.

As far as I can tell, actually voting has accomplished nothing. This country is headed irrevocably downhill and no politician or political party is going save it. Not the Republicans or Democrats; they both just contribute to it. And while the Libertarians have generally the right ideas (IMO), they are a joke. And the other political parties are less effective than the Libertarians.

And all that being registered to vote has gotten me is being called up for federal jury duty.

(Chad Elwartowski) #13

I’m in the same boat. I know my vote doesn’t count, I know it will not determine the outcome of an election, but I like to vote just as a big “screw you” to the eventual winner.

I even voted for the Democrat when there were only two choices for Congress and I couldn’t write anyone in. Just because I knew the Republican would overwhelmingly win. I didn’t want my vote to contribute to his sense of having a mandate.

(Bob LLewellyn) #14

Do you know how easy it would be to get a libertarian elected? With the country pretty much fed up with the republicrates, all thy have to do is to start a campaign that goes something like,

Every problem we face in this country has been presided over by a republican or a democrat.
If you want real change, stop doing what you did last election, this year vote for the 3rd party of your choice.

Kick the bums out, vote for the 3rd party.

Voters don’t vote for a candidate, they are pissed and vote against the other guy. Don’t mention the libertarians in the campaign, just make sure they are on all ballets.

Now if the computerized voting system hasn’t been tampered with, the libertarians will win.

The problem is, they don’t deserve to win. I was the fund raising chair for two state parties, I’m through. Now I’m a small L libertarian, the big L can go to heLL.

But back to the topic, what do you say Chad? Want to head up a lecture series?

(Chad Elwartowski) #15

Like I said, I was thinking more of a lecture series when we get to the seastead. A virtual one just wouldn’t be the same. When we get there I’d be more than happy to help coordinate it :smile:

(Randolph Hencken) #16

Greetings forum participants. As noted by Ken, we do use The Seasteading Institute’s email list to send out a weekly update about a topic we find important or relevant. We eliminated the newsletter, as we decided it’d be better to make shorter more frequent connections with our readers, than longer less frequent newsletters. There is a limit to how many emails we want to produce, generally no more than one a week. We’d be happy to hear ideas of what you want us to share with the larger community. You may have noticed that we’ve been plugging ideas and directing the conversation back to these forums – i.e. Michael Eliot’s geopolymer concrete, and John Kosanke’s Las Paradas constitution. Feel free to alert me or Joe of ideas for the larger email list.

I’m sorry Joe and I aren’t on the forums more frequently, it’s hard for us to just keep up with the deluge of emails, projects, and administrative tasks it takes to run the Institute.

(Mark Stephan) #17

I have to admit… I miss a couple days on the forum and there’s no way I’m going to be able to read all the history! That being said, I don’t think I have to be a part of every conversation. I contribute where I can…

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