Searching for "THE SEASTEADERS"

(noboxes) #1

In trying to find the videos mentioned by @joequirk , i also did a search on this site, using the provided search engine on this site, for “THE SEASTEADERS” , in all caps, just as the three separate topic names have, and the three posts on this site by Joe were not found by TSI’s own search engine on their own site. However, fuck was found 13 times (well, maybe 14 times now). I would think someone would give more of the f*** to seeing that the videos were easily available and indexed as the top returns when searched for.

(Larry G) #2

Nobody else appears to have this problem. The embedded youtube link shows previews and takes one right to it.

What browser are you using?

(noboxes) #3

Firefox, version 52.5.3.