Science Community

(Michael David Lipkan) #1

The earliest seasteading communities should be agglomerations of scientific disciplines committed to fact finding regarding all aspects of seasteading. Highly cooperative and interdisciplinary, these nascent floating cities prepare future developments with a basis in strong science. Ideally politically neutral, they should be opperated under the aegis of the nearest country while having freedom to move to other locations that fit within their mission statement and philosophy. Ideally, they would be international, multiracial, and comprised of open minded, innovative, thinkers.


Seems I, as well as Dr. Bob Ballard disagree with your hypothesis…

The first should be food production, without which, the only way to supply and support is at the far greater expense of importing food, at which point it becomes a game for the wealthy.

(.) #3

Mr. Lipkan; Are you going to participate in the community by
living on a seastead, or are you going to just direct one from land?


More likely, a bunch of international expats with a “lets have some fun while making solid cash” attitude, in my book,…

(Bob LLewellyn) #5

I love that book, one of my favorites, but I also like the book of healing. The world is too crazy, I miss the peace of the sea. Our first business should be a general store where boaters and residents could by something to eat. Got to have a bar, it has to be fun while were making money. Sound like anything we have heard before?


Yes. LOL. That was the “initial” idea, Bob.