Sandbar Villa Project in South Florida


I designed special type of houseboat for protected bay waters of South Florida - huge area between Miami, Key West and Naples. Main business will be vacation rentals and fractional ownership program. I am looking for business partner or investor. Contact me at Regards, Sergey

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Welcome kazak258;

I am glad you are here. Interesting idea. It is probably not new.
There are lots of buildings in Florida. My feelings about it is, that
there are more buildings than people. Vacations in Florida will probably
be always a popular thing. People probably want to spend time in warm
climate during the winter. I am not in Florida, and vacation rentals are
probably not the thing I want to invest. And my investment capability
is probably not enough. Though I wish you good luck, and I am interested
hearing about your success and business adventures.



I am working on a similar project to be located near an artificial coral reef in the Keys. Find out more about it here:

We can cooperate if you wish.


Hi spark, thanks for reply. The idea of liveaboard vacations is not new, but my design is well suited for that area. Take a look at my site It is very profitable and easy to manage business. I’ll pay you referral fee if can find partner or investor.
Regards, Sergey

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Thank you. I have no clue how to find you a partner or an investor.


Aquatic Lifestyle at Pacific Wave

(Now, that is a link. Though it is not commercial.)

I also sent and email to gmail.

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Thank you for posting a link to your idea.

Friendly first-time reminder: there is a no-spam rule for commercial endeavours.

A good way to explore collaboration with the TSI forum membership is to share your design ideas, ask for feedback, and promote ways for others to achieve their seasteading goals as well.

This forum is not meant to be a means of soliciting investment.

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Hi Sergey;

Thank you for the link. Those are interesting pictures of what you built.
Congratulations on your business and family successes.

Best regards;