San Jose found - 1000 more sunken galleons out there | oceanic business alliance

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… all in Colombian territorial waters.

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Salvage a business field for seasteaders…

Call me to join the alliance…

Filmed on board of ARC Malpelo…Remus 6000 equipment.

Insiders | this is your chance to opt in…teammembers : all key operators of all salvage teams that have rank and name in the industry. Operation size biggest operation ever seen… This is the beginning of a new Era of marine salvage.
Colombia will lead it. (Forget Fisher Webber and Co) they will look like “preliminary amateurs” in a few years…

Treasure hunting just turned “Big marine business....

Cannons are a clear match with the archives.

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Submarine Robot Factory
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How can this be a growing business since there are few sunken ships like this one?

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a few ? if we had a solution ( a futuristic submarine) to work 1 ship per week - we had 20 years of work just to do the work that needs to be done in Colombia…

Just the first 20 on the list of (1000) are worth 30 Billion Dollar… once we are done with the ships we can go on with deep sea mining, cable laying etc…it is like space X once you develop the technology the options are limitless… it is not only about making fotos in orbit… its about leadership on a new frontier - and the entrance step…

working on that…oceanic business alliance.....


IMHO, it would take a work sub, not a research vessel. So far, the only real work subs are too small and certainly not gentle, or dexterous enough for marine archaeology. If subs were really a decent salvage proposal, there would already be such subs. Heck, there are hardly any rescue subs, much less something capable of handling an archaeological dig at any depth. Can’t just go in and loot them, or you’ll have the world on you for disturbing human remains, and destroying historic value too…

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We’ll have to hire out. Hasn’t been a better time to assemble the technology for making dexterous cable connected drones to send down to explore and bring up samples. The fellow who discovered the Titanic already has most of the things we need. Better if we made our own though. 3D printer and a little machine shop.

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I think, this is a good time to learn how to build and use
underwater drones.

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San Jose and the 1000 other ships sunk in Colombian EEZ that are in technology reach for recovery now, will require that Colombia develops a cutting edge underwater archeology project that needs “private motors” to succeed a “APP” is on the table… it is a question of doing it now or loosing them forever.....

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Reason for Seasteading.
Many wrecks worldwide
Dont forget the Phillppines were under Spain then too & many galleons sunk near PI or Indian ocean enroute to Spain maybe & wrecks from the wars ( WW1, WW2) Cold War??
& more
Why we need Seasteads.
Salvage rights, direct acess 24/7, near local lands to litigate find etc.

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The real number of the treasure value of the San Jose could be in the order of .… USD 330.000.000.000 ( three hundred billion....) svanen crane

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If you ever find any sea booty don’t tell anyone cause they’ll tax it or take it by force.

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