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Pleasure to meet you all. I am a language/computation/projection artist (work here: that is very interested in sea-steading. Why is there no arts and culture, category, y’all! :slight_smile:

I’ve made projections for two large scale art/science boat projects: + and just attended ephemerisle for the first time. I have a few friends that have done projects on cargo ships and I’m curious about such projects myself.

I’m very interested in the French Polynesia venture and wondering about how to become involved: where the entry point might be for someone with my skills? I’m also very curious about ocean-based living at a far more modest scale, so floating neighborhoods are of particular interest to me. I’m currently looking into exploring the few that currently exist in the bay area.


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Because we are mostly technicians and have very little talent when it comes to art, so we decided to wait for you to join us and start that side of ocean living that is currently being neglected.

Welcome aboard Saito, I’m Bob and I am working on the Marinea Project, If there is anyway that we can help, let us know. Reckon we’ll see you about anyway, so enjoy your stay.

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Hierarchy of needs. Shelter from the elements and provision of material resources is the stage we’re at.

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Yeah, was mostly just teasing; excited to be here though!


I periodically mention home-brew beer production for seasteading.

With the beer will come … the Seastead Pub, where artists of all types can gather and collectively develop that side of the seasteading culture. :wink::wink:

Thanks, @saito_koriel, for providing yet another opportunity to interject home-brew beer production into the comment threads. :grin:

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Why haven’t you created the brew-stead page in the Wiki under types of business ventures? Slacker!

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Any recipes for brewing beer out of sea weed?


LOL - Seastead Slacker would be a good name for the first seastead brew …

… once I stop procastinating and develop a recipe. :wink:


Or maybe …
Brewstead Bob’s Badass Beer. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


On a semi-related note … there actually is such a thing as mangrove honey.

So … I reckon that a floating mangrove forest could be used to diffuse surface waves for a seastead … and then bees could make honey when pollinating the mangrove flowers.

From there it’s only a short hop, skip, and jump to bottling Mangrove Mead.

Cheers. :grin: