Research about TSI's big challenges

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Hello! I’m a geography and economics student from Mainz in Germany and researching about the big challenges of TSI, feasibility of its visions and if it’s a utopian concept.
Not only will I have a few questions to discuss in the forum but would also be very much interested in interviewing somebody via skype who’s familiar with the topics. Do you know somebody or are you the right person for me?

Thanks in advance! I’d be happy reading an answer of yours.
Best regards, Martin


Hello and welcome. There are probably utopian aspects and aspirations, but I think the majority of the members here are focuses more on practical solutions to day-to-day living and designing around just being able to live offshore in a profitable and productive self sufficient manner.

Many of us also see the necessity of doing so in an environmentally conscious, eco-friendly manner.

I lived in Gelnhausen, at Coleman Kaserne, for 2 years, across 1985, '86 and '87. I miss Germany. Almost married and stayed there. I was in the Army, then.

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Welcome to the forum Martin.

I lived in Darmstadt last year right down the road from Mainz. I agree with Frusha, the only utopian aspects most of us are thinking about are the parts about sitting on the ocean watching the sunset every day. Other than that we understand that there will be many challenges. Though, the jews escaping Germany in WWII may have considered such a concept utopian so it’s all relative.

Most of the regulars on here can answer any question you may have, each coming at it from a different angle but we’ve all kicked around the most obvious challenges and then some.

Currently it is all theoretical so until something is actually floating we’re all just going by how we think things may go once on the water.

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Hello Martin;

Welcome! It is good; that you are here.

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Hello and welcome Martin. I’m also from Germany near Heidelberg, nice to read that there are so many near me :wink:

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The biggest trouble that TSI faces is logistics. They got some rich friends so they can garner more publicity, money and and support. If the Marinea Project had a 10th of the support that they have, we would be in the water and running.

Logistics, like where is the food to feed the new islanders? How will people easily get there and how do they advertise to draw people to their new floating island? The novelty of a floating island will wear off quickly, what will bring the tourist to their floating island when every quadrant of the planet has one? And logistics like an economical way to get the raw material to construct their island down there or are they really going to tow it over thousands of miles with a fuel cost alone that could bankrupt a small country? What kind of work can it develop? It can’t be all in the service industry. There are some problems, not insurmountable ones, given enough time and money, but problems that are not being currently addressed.

Where was TMP getting its operational income? From existing boat traffic between Florida and Cuba along with the other islands. Like a small town along route 66. We sell gas, food and lodging if needed. The general store would also help those wishing to stay awhile. And a bar for when the work was done. I didn’t see that level of planning to answer the question, where is the FP operating capital coming from? The TMP proposed site was 90 miles from Miami and 40 miles from Cuba, Supplies and inexpensive labor is just minutes from the work site.

That is what the architect, Ted, wrote after he did his feasibility study. Since Ted already talked to TSI, I didn’t feel it was my place to say anything. They may have all that taken care of and just not telling anyone. But TSI’s biggest challenge, to my way of thinking is logistics.