Registered yacht (no size limit) mobile seastead site in Redfish Bay,Texas

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unlimited FREE (some labor required or replaced by other consideration) floating acreage near uncivilized sand dunes with a few roads used by moonshiners, smugglers and oil explorations. Onsite drinking water and DC lighting provided initially. Four miles by foot or water travel ( 24 miles by road) South to “bustling” town Port Mansfield,Tx. pop236 and shrinking (Temporary population 1000+.
Owner of truck is temporarily unemployed “working” on his design and logistics. No farm animals needed as cash/carry “pre wholesale prices” of top quality produce available at USA/Mexico border (50 miles by car), and plenty of large (5lbs+) sportfish available year round. Example bananas $11.00 for 40 lbs, Tomatoes $14 for 25lbs etc…100+ lbs total catch of free sport fish avail every day. Under the floating registered “dock yacht” is “Redfish Bay”, Laguna Madre. South Padre Island national seashore is directly across. Whatever you bring will need to be accompanied with 1 used tire/100 lbs MINIMUM -upfront (can be purchased at site price TBD).

Intended Incubator Site as Complete Support Base of Operations for the Gulf of Mexico
Intended Incubator Site as Complete Support Base of Operations for the Gulf of Mexico

Redfish Bay is a landlocked.private community with lots for sale, not open to accessing Matagorda Bay or the Gulf of Mexico by water.

Intended Incubator Site as Complete Support Base of Operations for the Gulf of Mexico
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Different red fish bay. As any interested reader could have seen (on the censored comment in "intened incubator site Intended Incubator Site as Complete Support Base of Operations for the Gulf of Mexico purportedly used for discussion). It is on google map, 4 miles North of Port Mansfield just where I said it was.


I wish you the best. I don’t see it as a competition. We have vastly different goals, intentions and methods. My goal is to establish a support base and building facility to launch from. It sounds like you are trying to make a floating structure to build on.

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Upon further investigations, the site shown - 4 miles North of Port Mansfield does indeed have a a roads to it. However the entrance to all the roads are gated shut(no cows allowed on national hiway…I don’t think it is locked). The specific waterfront lot is vacant and held by Willacy county. Taxes may be paid by “conservation group” to keep it off the market. I’m thinking now it might be better to just have a bigger"dockyacht" with a drawbidge and parking on board, accessible by numerous small boat launch sites.All users would own the “dockyacht” so it can have unlimited # of non-paying passengers aboard.

Intended Incubator Site as Complete Support Base of Operations for the Gulf of Mexico
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maybe so, but one CANNOT admit that it is not a navigable “yacht”, period. I’m going to sleep What’s an incubator have to do with seasteading…I’ll dream a new name.


Welcome to it. The way I am using the term is to take the concept from a mere idea, eventually to be able to model, test, modify the model and test until satisfactory, then build. I also expect, with establishment of such a site, to associate with Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, to have certified plans drawn up, therefor able to be registered, insured, licensed, inspected and even resold.

Kind of like incubating an egg from a mere fertilized egg, up to a hatched creature, carefully making progress through stages of growth, becoming a reality, rather than a mere potentiality, then setting it out to do its’ part, as the designer intended.

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Latest technology development…Used tire/polyester strap/NEEC. NEEC is a non-engineered concrete mix designed to “flex” somewhere in the neighborhood of 33% as well as the patented ECC (flexible concrete). It with be 4% by volume chopped polypropylene fibers (shredded recycled rope) in a lightweight, low cement content mix, with added asphalt emulsion(1%).- 5 cents/ft2 at 1/2" thickness - the same cost as 6 mil polyethylene roll sheeting. The NEEC mix is based on the theory in that polypropylene is weaker and more “slippery” than standard PVA used in ECC. However since it does not utilize a nano scale “slick” coating, it wont cost three times the price of regular concrete and won’t flex as much.

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As to why this site is in “business” section…I have no clue as I did not start the thread. Use your imagination…possibly as there are two “doughnuts” in the GOM, as the environazis refer to them, were LEGAL non regulated fishing may occur, it is not up to me to decide if future fisherman decided to fish anywhere and claim the catch was taken elsewhere by means of Illegal Unregulated Unregulated means - possible business…