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Cold, freshwater spalling, indicative of very poor coverage of the mesh, in addition to poor planning and attempting to add a sail structure, along with the failure to properly protect the hatch seal, which led to the initial demise of said submarine…


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LOL - Wil still thinks HE is running this forum.


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Actually - i think an agressive obsessive umpa lumpa with multiple id´s is trying to take over and polarize the forums - lowering their value for all of us - is seasteading better now ? - will investor interest increase ? - i doubt it…

Will somebody stop this spiral to low quality debate and silence the Troll - i doubt it…

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Let’s see how many hours the commercial- free period lasts before you change your mind and spam us again with more of your Elmo Ass. crap, @ellmer.

I’m not popping any beer caps in celebration just yet.

But I am cautiously optimistic.

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[quote=“ellmer, post:17, topic:2280, full:true”]
All business which is in need of interference freedom ( which is basicly all business) will sooner or later end up to build its production and investigation sites out of interference reach on the ocean.

The more interferers appear in form of Politicians, redtaping groups, pressure groups, regulation groups, contrary interest groups, the more intense is the quest for a new frontier where things can be done and achived by default with nobody tortious interfering in the venture.

The move out on the ocean seeking interference freedom is already visible in its first steps | sandbank building | floating industies | oil | brewery | interference free server centers | stemcell research | etc…[/quote]

And real estate too - in the luxury segment superyachts are a better option in comfort compared to the landside equivalent of a large house. In part because design adapted to the marine environment brushes sclerotic traditions in a single stroke.

An Intentionally pricey house in California is designed to simulate life in a large boat.

Billionaires, he realized, spend eight weeks of the year on their hundred-million-dollar yachts “but then they only live in a $30-million home.”

That discrepancy, he reasoned, didn’t make sense, so he created a home with finishes and furnishings reminiscent of a mega-yacht and a matching price point to boot

But even the super luxury segment can’t afford such houses in just about every country (neither can society or the environment) so they opt for a movable palace built in Italy, registered in Bermuda, and towed to places where such modern convenience would be impossible in land, such as France or the Seychelles, and eventually the entire landmass.

if the move is indeed inevitable, part of our challenge is to make it as affordable as every other mass technology.

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Not impressed with that article or that line of reasoning whatsoever.

Dude is not selling luxury, he’s selling status. People foolish enough to chase social status solely through extravagant expenditure.

The comparison between 30 million dollar homes and 100 million dollar yachts doesn’t hold up either. Luxury is more difficult to achieve on a boat. (Edited to add:) and therefore naturally more expensive. Making the house arbitrarily more expensive by setting a price tag too high to “comp” doesn’t mean you’re gaining value. History is replete with “white elephant” mansions.

None of the things being used to pump up the cost of the home are intrinsic to it. Not like systems on a mega yacht. And I’ve been on some pretty fancy yachts in the last couple years. NONE of them actually are as convenient as a house. I’ll admit I haven’t been on Bill Gates’ yacht, but the annual maintenance budget on that bastard is the gdp of a large county. It’s not cost effective VALUE, it’s just conspicuous consumption,potion.

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Same as saying that comfortable living is more difficult or expensive to achieve in an apartment in a high rise building than a standalone house.
It used to be counter intuitive in the late 19th century, but today it is quiet obvious for rich and poor alike in China, Europe, Brazil, New York…
The low urbanization rate is one of the less comendable examples of American exceptionalism
(most of the world is in a trend towards urban housing)

(Chinese looking) White Elephant Neighborhood

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Find me luxury high rise living that isn’t more expensive than comparable square footage in stand alone houses.

Single family residences are no more emblematic of “privilege” than dense urban living of the same economic class.

High rise dense housing only makes economic sense when the cost f proximate real estate is exceedingly high. In fact most real “high rise” is office buildings used for economic activity, not housing.

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Some office buildings in New York have converted into (comparatively affordable, because of the density) residential buildings - in fact most high rises being built are residential. The future of the office space is uncertain, but housing and industry are under pressure.
Hong Kong, Guangdong, Singapore, but also Manhattan and the Bronx are all good examples, because they are extreme.


On the other hand, those houses (ugly cookie-cutter neighborhoods seem all the rage, these days) still have potentially usable land for intensive gardening and sone sort of self sufficiency, such as…

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Sure but that is permaculture with a home in it - that is almost exactly the way humans used to live before the agro and industrial population explosions. That is luxury :wink:

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Hypothesis: To get the right effect in investor conversations you need to introduce great floating light shell architecture early in the project…(ref 19)

Matias Volco Design (ref.22) | small scale seastead | directional bow design | @Matias


Funny… TSI is having a convention in French Polynesia, including at least one potential investor. Bet they don’t bring it up… EVER…

Hell, close as you are, just jump in a supercavitating concrete sub, shoot over there and show Joe and Randy how it’s done…

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Back on topic the French Polinesia thread is over there - this is the Real Estate Paradim thread (on topic posting only)…this is still a non frusha thread… so do not respond…the thread starter.

Hypothesis: Investor interest has to do if you do / don´t make a fool out of yourself on public forum…

The question is: Is this opinion of yours “endorsed and competent ?” ref 985

What is your SIZE in “money moved toward” your IMTA project ?..

Ask yourself how many people would hop into an airplane to talk with you about your project…before throwing stones toward TSI…

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Actually, I believe he’s throwing stones at you. How many people would hop in an airplane to talk to you about your projects, @ellmer?

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Honestly - had a handfull already…not as many as TSI (100) - i admit - but - :slight_smile: my investor interest level is good…so are my Angel Rounds for the projects in my projekt pipeline - thanks for asking.

If you google me up you will find that i already did quite a lot of stuff in that direction…
My [project proposal list]( is a bit shy of 4000 interested visitors - so interest level is good.

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Well, let’s see. My IMTA can be done at multiple levels and scales, so, I guess, along with a building site for the enlarged “Little SSLV”, having a signed contract on 30.3 acres to do both, homestead and supply source for offshore living probably counts for more than @ellmer spouting crap.