Psychedelic research at sea

(Matthew Thomasson) #1

I am a former US Marine living in the UK at present. I am also a member of shamanic community and find that governments have done very little to do more than reinforce the status quo and patriarchy. After suffering from severe PTSD and TBI; then finding out there is no current psychology model to assist me in the affliction that I endured for 12 years, I’m interested in telling most governments to stick it where the sun don’t shine. I found the solution was applicable withing 3 weeks of clandestine research. From Biosphere 2 shows that we can replicate any biome. Institutions, such as Botanical Dimensions have made it their purpose to catalog seeds of plants that hold medical value and to keep them for safe keeping.

I am convinced that the research carried out by MAPS (multidisciplinary association of psychedelic for psychedelic studies), Biosphere 2 and Botanical Dimensions could yield incredibly important research that allows us to treat people for adverse psychological damage. Yes, mysticism can play a part, but scientific research is backing the psychedelic cause.

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Upgrade your human operating system.

(Matthew Thomasson) #2

Reviving a dead horse after much discussion with others behind the scenes. Does anyone here know that such a location could potentially be the brains behind human evolution?


Hi Mathew, I am sorry that you suffered so much as a solider. I thank you for your contribution to the military. I too am interested in the use of psychedelics on seasteads and in general. As far as the brains behind human evolution. I would say check out this.

The Grand Theory Of How Science And Spirituality Will Merge!

And check out IEET. They are doing great work with transhumanism, which will help us evolve into human 2.0.

Truth is there is not going to be one place to find this. It’s going to be people in many areas that will contribute to our evolution both psychologically and spiritually.


hey matthew, i too was thinking about the posibility of research into psychedelics at sea, being free from the constraints and stigma associated with the subject in most western countries. There is however one constraint that we have to work around. Under the laws of the sea there are 3 activities that are considered unlawfull, piracy, slavery and international drug trafficking. So we have to be very carful with implementing this.

(Bob LLewellyn) #5

That should read “illegal international drug trafficking.” The drug companies ship drugs with liberty, nation to nation and around the world. However, by declaring sovereignty, the seasteads may make its own laws and allow for all drugs to be treated equally.

In Marinea, all drugs will be sold to adults, 20 or over, at the pharmacies. Individuals have a right to prescribe their own medications. A prescription for another must come from a doctor or equal medical professional. By the way the same goes for surgeries. (warning subtle opinion embedded).

(Larry G) #6

DIt should but it doesn’t.

Some countries interfere even with traffic destined for other countries. They try to justify it by loose borders affecting everyone.

I e said in other venues and still believe, if you want de jure independence it will cost and unachievable amount of money and require massive, nation level military force. If you want de facto independence, go somewhere that government resources are scarce and unfocused and keep a low profile. Get along by mostly gong Lang with some looseness around the edges to establish long term precedent that you can argue in favor of with evidence of harmlessness. That does not include being an overt Mecca for recreational drug use as part of the recruiting propaganda.

Oregon and Washington have had legalized marijuana for some time now. It hasn’t affected bordering state efforts to rob it it other than to provide an excuse to stop cars leaving here to search them for drugs.