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anybody who has something “qualified” to contribute to the thread “picture the ramform” - @Matias ? for example…kat, not giving you the “lunilink” again have done that dozends of times - go and play elswhere…

(Matias Volco) #142

@ellmer not much for now, I’m working on picturing a ramform island using somewhat the opposite approach of a streamlined design of a cable-laying ship:
an amorphous almost stationary or slowly drifting island with a windward side, a leeward side apt for anchorage, and some relief as a windbreaker in between

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Matias this is a great picture it shows where the forces of nature deposit materials…

(Matias Volco) #144

notice the sandbar forming in the upper left corner. A well protected bay would allow us to store sand for construction/expansion and to have a paradise beach with two coconut trees grown hydroponically in a planter and sheltered by the wind and wave breaking real estate.


That’s obviously a volcanic cone remains, it’s Molokini in Hawaii, not a deposit you will find whereever you want it. It’s rock, not sand.

(Wilfried Ellmer) #146

sandbank formed by nature

floating real estate formed by man…


That’s a sand bar in Maldives. Going to make sand bars in a country already concerned about rising ocean levels?

I don’t think i want to set foot on your floating boomerangs either. You may call those monstrosities “ramforms”, but you have distorted them so badly, they are boomerang shapes now.

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…that is why floating real estate is a better investment option than sandbank building and we need to shift investor interest to better options - goofy posters are part of the problem - not part of the solution.


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shall i point to “lunilink” - or do you have a learning curve ?


I put up a brick wall. Please go away.

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If you went away you’d feel like Ellmer went away from your life too.
“I’m not dying, it’s the World that’s going away” - someone

btw, I like the word Boomerang a lot better than Ramform, thanks for the creative input, I’d never had thought of that.


All the ‘C’, ‘U’, and ‘V’ shapes might be OK for a stationary thing, but the overall platform stability comes from triangulation, like the real Ramform and Trimarans. For a moving vessel, those trailing arms and all that water will create excessive drag. The stern of a real Ramform is relatively smooth and lifts clear of the water, much like the stern of a stern-wheeler, allowing the water to flow more smoothly back to the surface, from beneath, reducing the drag, compared to the square-bottom edge of most powerboats that need a square transom, to mount an outboard, or inboard/outboard motor.


Ramform Victory in drydock. You can clearly see the bulbous bow, the bilge keel and the way the stern portion tapers up, to meet the waterline, to reduce drag.


And you can clearly see it doesn’t resemble a boomerang! It has no long skinny sweeping arms to catch the waves!


(Wilfried Ellmer) #157

ramform hulls in other contexts than seismic vessels…

triangular is a quite general and ancient ship and boatbuilding principle … the benefit of a bow and a broad stern is known to - and used by - many designers … for thousands of years…there is not really a “ongoing discussion” about it except among the “non knowleged folk”…


Of those, ONLY the Wally Hermes Yacht concept is a ramform. A triangular shape doth not a Ramform make.

I can find wedge shapes of all kinds, but that doesn’t make them Ramform, otherwise we would have Ramform cake, pie and Doritos chips, trikes, reverse-trikes, etc. The Deltoid Pumpkinseed was a triangular vhicle with specific fluid-dynamic properties, but it wasn’t a Ramform, any more that a slice of pie is.

"Ramform" takes its’ name from Roar Ramde, the Norwegian Naval Architect and designer, not the shape. If anything, a Ramform is not shaped like a ram…


Wally Hermes Yacht concept #2… W.H.Y. 37m X 24m (~1/4 acre across 3 deck-levels)…


(Matias Volco) #160

I’m not sure what you’re getting at @JL_Frusha do you recommend inserting a bulb (designed only to make a hull more hydrodynamic and go faster) near the bow of a ramform island?