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I’ve tried searching the old forum for it, but can’t find where I actually originally posted the same concept, years ago. The original NASA design had these truncated triangle plates, rather than the ring they use, now. In a wood-working forum, I sent the same concept, using those pneumatic struts, as an all-axis rocking-horse for the airplane rockers one guy makes…

I have a tendency to latch onto good ideas and be able to adapt them to my purpose.


Here’s part of the automatic docking latch system that the ISS uses…
40 page pdf, so I’m not going to go through the conversion to jpegs…


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This is the “picture the ramform” - Thread - so i will picture the ramform to get this back on topic…

Pictures about geo survey ships in ramform

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These pictures are getting more and more beautiful. Where do you get them?

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Matias Volco, member @Matias, made these.


He’s good. Wish I had someone that could take what I see in my head and do that. One picture speaks entire volumes…

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Thank you @JL_Frusha
It’s surely embedded in our collective consciousness because I, like many others, have been thinking about buildings at sea since I have any memory.
Ellmer doesn’t really “have” me, he just intrigued me with his “too good to be true”* approach for the last half a decade and it’s so easy to illustrate his concepts because they don’t require any creativity or invention at all, they are just designs in response to natural phenomena.
*of course I would not have wasted any time in an actual too good to be true idea. I finally began drawing these concrete shells after I realized the technology has been there since before I was born, and perfected after I was born.

I’d be more than glad to illustrate your vision if you can describe it in words or spirit. what IS your idea?


@Matias I’ll try to put together a combination of images and then general concept. It’s hard to show the dual-mode functionality without a good artist to illustrate it. As I’ve said, all too often. My idea is only unique in the combination of existing ideas, in such a way as to create a greater whole. I had stuff on here and the other site, but pulled a bunch of it, when I got this feeling that I was giving it away, only to be left with an “It was my idea”, when someone else profits from it.

I’m mostly in this thread because someone was asking about a means of connecting the ramforms together, which I spotted and responded to. Even there, I borrowed openly available knowledge from NASA that dates to the '50s, '60s, and '70s, with the modern adaptation for the ISS.

I will put together a set of images and a description. From there, maybe we’ll have us a presentation worth someone investing in my dream for a seastead farm.

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My idea of a floating structure is a dome.

For a while; I had the idea of the Flip vessel kind of thing a dome on the too
and a long keel down.

After a while the way I see it is if the dome is large enough 100m diameter, and it
ballasted down 50 m of it under water, than large waves would just wash over it.
And it would not need any keel.
Another thing is if the water is 20m deep, a dome like that could be ballasted down
to anchor with its own weight and 80, would still stick out of the water.

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30 m would be above water. If the diameter 100, then radius 50m. So 50m height with 20m under water
gives 30m above water.
If necessary it can be refloated and transported and ballasted down again.
and so on.

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Sort of like this one?

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Yes, definatelly. I would think about the outer structures more rugged, like poopdecks.
And large waves could wash over.

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Yep that would make sense but the above picture is meant for the shallows.
When swimming or kayaking (or invited sailing) no depth or wave frightens me more than being close to a shallow area. I stand by the US gov advice: duck and cover :slight_smile:

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The beauty of the Ramform lies in its ability to grow in an exponential way from a few honeycomb concrete cells into a family or small community stead into a city sized haven harboring a diverse urban cluster, not unlike a modern Venice:

See more Ramform Archipelago

Are the Ramform and Lens style Sketchup plans available?

No it can’t.

You can’t add new concrete to old concrete.

Nobody wants to live in a bubble.

People like houses.


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Nice pic @jwliberstead ! That is essentially the familiar scene that might be easily pictured in a sea train neighborhood.
Notice in the above series the components are individual, like train wagons, and perfectly rectangular.


From your article:

Do you remember elementary school where one of the subjects on which
you were graded was “plays well with others”? Concrete would have gotten
an F. There is nothing in basic portland cement that will act as a
bonding agent. Portland cement concrete works well in mass and provides
great compressive strength but not bond.


Not even going to read it. I’ve been hearing that since grade school, over 40 years ago. It got my attention because i had lived on a tropical Pacific island and was then living in an area routinely hit by hurricanes at the time. There’s currently no domes in either place, or anywhere around me now.


,and then they give 2 methods for doing so… 1-physical, and 1-chemical method, but you chose to ignore that.

It can be done, has been done, and continues to be done, despite your whining.