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Fantastic find! The video clearly displays all the working concepts for a ramform base.
Notice the boats working on either side of the structure. Probably even in rougher weather at least one side would be somewhat protected too?

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430m is already somewhat too long to fit nicely between wave crests in most conditions so instead taking waves directly from the front you would probably prefer what ship captains do - take big waves in an angle - this also creates a calm area alongside you can work with…

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Ramform set up as support facilities for Massive Open Ocean Aquaculture

Kelp? and water?
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Ramform set up as light residential and small nautical hub or club.

More at Floating Islands

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Ramform setup for the Open Ocean as a Floating Resort - Residential or Mixed Used Condominium

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true but so is the opposite (igloo yurt hut and cave)

Ramform (as other tubular structures) is ideal for straight angles, open balconies and a harbor promenade

Updated Pictures at Floating Islands

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If “boxiness” really where a “desireable factor” there is little limit for the boxiness you can have for all the C-shell floating houses in the ramform lagoon - where they are in non wave ambient and protected from (Draupner) wave impact as their base design requires.

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Ramform set up as Port or Marina for Floating Financial Center

Introducing the Ocean Star
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Ramform set up as a shipyard

Simple, stable, modular, spar type interlocking platforms
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I thought it is about making it a reality

I think that surface geometry is an emotional topic here, which destroys the conversation. For the sake of the conversation, I will name this shape a Whatever. This place has a terrible admin.

I think it is important to utilize outer walls as a breaker to make material spent/space gained best. It is a fact that enough mass correctly distributed in a triangular shape will, if the alignment will be set correctly, be very stable.

It is in the end about pushing the costs to sustainable levels, creating a product, push that product to the market on the old sales channels, new sales channels or create our own channels if you can. Make it happen, no?

Anything else than a reasonable conversation about a way to make seasteading happen is not my seasteading movement. Talk about the future? What? Why? There is no future if we are going to sit and talk. We should be supporting one another with ideas and concepts and all I see is petty rivalry over whatever. I feel like in a parrot breeding club…

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I would suggest to use the “Picture de Ramform” thread to “picture the ramform”…that keeps the reading experience for the thread user enjoyable…it is probably in the interest of the movement to keep discussions under the adequate title and hold some form of “thread discipline”… | read more |


Funny… I tried that, using modified versions of the Trade Marked and Patented Ramform design, by Roar Ramde, and caught flack for it. :laughing:

it’s OK, though. Keeping my concept real-world-scale, within the TM, copyrights and patents, to keep my rear out of real-world trouble, and beginning with a yacht to prove the design at a reasonable size, before I bother with a more complete, self-sufficient scale. Initial plan designs should be commissioned within the next couple of months, followed by simulations, tank-testing and further development, prior to completing the blueprints, after which I will begin construction of a real Ramform design.
Jeff Frusha


Interesting note: at least 3 of PGS’ smaller Ramform Vessels are ‘cold-stacked’… Shut down. Ramform Viking, Ramform Challenger and Ramform Explorer are all shut-down, unless they have been leased or sold, by now.


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Le “Ramforme” une Plataforme expandible pour la mer

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@Matias | wonderful visualizations of realistic designs for floating harbors, marinas and cities, in light honeycomb composite technology. Your new restructured site is even better than the old one ! Keep the good stuff comming. Inspireing the ocean colonization community.

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Thank you @ellmer , here is a specific vision for an expandable seaworthy Ramform Base

Alternatively a small ramform not very different from the light triangular prototypes you built would be a good example of a floating villa for calm waters, such as those inside another ramform or inside an calm bay or attoll.

Simple, stable, modular, spar type interlocking platforms
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Ramform Island showing shell with different gradients of openness and weatherproof on its leeward side, or aft



techincal ref

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Funny, I’ve proposed exactly that, a number of ways, as well as other concepts that are equally storm-tolerant, based on known functioning vessels, from spar-buoys, like the FLIP, to variations of the patented Ramde Ramform hull design.

My latest rendering for a couple/small family Ramform…

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Seasteading Research Station?
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I designed and opened the “Picture the ramform” - thread to picture the ramform - so anything that is not picturing it is off topic.

See more: here


For someone that claims to be intelligent, that denies facts, makes false claims, posts pics and lies about what is depicted, then tries to steal concepts, terminology, and demands money to introduce them to non-existent ‘investors’…


US 20120227652 A1
The invention relates to a ship of the displacement type with a Ramform™ hull that has a transom stern (100), a longitudinal length L in the design waterline plane (300), a base plane (400) parallel with the design waterline plane at a distance T corresponding to the design draught of the hull and including essentially sinusoidal waterlines (602), a sloping plane (200) that comprises the bottom of the after end of the ship and which extends from the transom stern (100) at the design waterline plane (300) to the base plane (400) at approximately L/2 and a bulge on each side along a considerable part of the length of the hull, terminating at the forward end of the hull ahead of the length L in a tongue-like bulb member (900). The relationship between the maximum beam B and the design draught T is considerably more than 7, preferably between 10 and 12, and where the bulges (901) form the bulb member (900) and aft towards L/2 have a transversal horizontal orientation from the surface of the hull and which from about L/2 rotate gradually downward 90 degrees into a vertical orientation so that the bulge (902) at the transom stern (100) lies below the sloping plane (200) and along the outer edges of the sloping plane, but within the maximum beam B and above the base plane (400).

PLEASE make note of the elevated “TM” following the term “Ramform”, in the Patent, denoting that the term IS indeed Trademarked.