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One thing brought up, then promptly dismissed was how a Ramform, as a vessel has a ‘speed’…

Ramform Titan speeds are generally quoted as: “Transit and towing speed About 15.5 and 5.0 knots”

Now, as I mentioned, speed is relative… The Gulf Stream surface current travels at up to about 4.8 knots…
The California Current surface speed is about 0.8 knots…

Add wind and it changes…


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A seastead is a community of people living at sea.
[/quote]Dahhh :smile:

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It is not designed to move with any particular speed.
[/quote]Now that’s a very personal opinion that could be easily change by the first hurricane passing over that stationary seastead,…


Oh come on, Octavian, “Damned Fast” or “Get The F_ Outa Here” are not “particular speeds” on anyone’s throttle.

(Matias Volco) #224

While the ramform island can move, it is meant to withstand a hurricane.
Some of the protected harbor real estate is also composed of another type of hurricane resistant sea house, the tubular sea train:

A gradual progressive approach would have a smaller ramform in either semi protected waters, or throughout the calm season, and grow to accumulate enough critical mass, which would itself shelter “life-boat”-like houseboats.

(Wilfried Ellmer) #225

Matias, a wonderfull picture showing different elements of a floating city comming together excellent work ! The train configuration allows long swells to go trough without creating excessive hog and sag forces.

The core principles

Each housing unit needs to have rescue pod quality in wave impacts
The housing units need to work together in a City configuration without being necessaryly part of a “snapfit sistem” or a single piece of engineering - less stringent connections of different style and size will do it perfectly. What matters is the affordable price per real estate squaremeter and generations of service life.

(Matias Volco) #226

Thanks @Ellmer do you think the sea houses would benefit from absolute hurricane resistance if they were 5 inches submerged under water, with some portholes or a “sail” for access to the sunlit terrace-deck?

If placed in a shallow warm area where sea life is abundant, could they have small underwater windows with lights without compromising the integrity of the blimp structure?

To make them small enough to allow a single family to call it home, could they be stabilized and connected to pedestrian ways through some stiff connection resembling this:


(Wilfried Ellmer) #227

At some point the development of ocean colonization will definitly lead to the concept of the ocean sphere due to the draupner topic. But as a starting point we will probably first see shells, tubular shells, truss shells, and honecomb structures that are merely surface floating.

Developments smaller than a mile need a bow, cities of several miles might have seawalls and breakwaters like the oostershelde and the monaco breakwater.

On the long term the ulimate subdue to nobody concept design is the captain nemo way of life…


Never mind that in a 15ft wave train you will be 45 degrees tilted this way, then 45 tilted that way, then 45 tilted the other way, for about 5 days as the hurricane passes you 100 miles to one side. The stresses on the couplings will be incredible.

(Wilfried Ellmer) #229

seasteads come in many forms and colors…a seastead is whatever the people living on it want it to be…people have very different ideas on what defines a seastead…


Yanno, the stuff i am actively actually welding on today is about 3ft, but there’s some 4ft and 5ft steel too. The boat deck i am building on top of is 8ft x 16ft clear flat space. You guys are talking about miles (5280ft), about 1,500 times the material i am actually working with in my own two paws. Becha mine is finished first. Becha more people will be able to afford mine.

(Wilfried Ellmer) #231

to get a list of small scale starting point proposals check : 1.1 / 1.2 / 1.3 / 1.4 etc…
for your small personal floating paradise check especially this technology.

(Matias Volco) #232

And does it “tilt” or how does it behave during hurricanes?


It will be going into the water in a minimal condition, just to get me on the water and away from this hellhole. I plan on it being able to float out a hurricane in the sheltered waters with no more than 5 degrees tilt by the time hurricane season gets to it. Yes, i checked the angle with a protractor. Yes, it will be wet outside, and windy, and noisey. I hope i am done building enough that my chief worry will be flying debris from other people’s stuff.


I am not going to your site, there’s no one investing in me, and i already have a pocket full of ideas.

Ellmer has said this statement of fact constitutes a complaint that i am not getting funded. Wilfried Ellmer has lied again. For the record, i am not soliciting any funds, gifts, or lines of credit, and i offer no indebtedness to anyone or any business in exchange for any funding or material donations. I will not have anyone else taking admin control, or financial control, of my water-borne living space or or my transportation or toys, or the contents of and/or attachments to any of them.

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if that is so - work on the shortcommings and improve your project process and potential to get investors who believe in your projects - some day…start at communication… on this thread you “outed a lot on shortcomming” in this point…


I have a better idea. I am going to trust my life to my abilities in my floatie. How about the investor come and tell me why i should trust them?

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finance it from your own pocket is definitly a feasible approach if you do not want to deal with investors and the processes their handling implies…i financed a lot of projects from my own pocket before catching the attention of my first investors

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Javoll to thread discipline, and twenty more characters.

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I suspect a sphere with a double hull flip would be the best idea.

(Matias Volco) #240

streamlined Ramform Floating Island
(Still working in a more natural looking artificial island, this is somewhat the opposite concept)

aft view

See more pictures of a proposed Ramform Artificial Island: