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the auditorium will decide who made his point well - no need to repeate … no need to insist… you made a hypothesis about patent - it was responded - move on - do not repeate (if you do you out yourself as … we had that)


No, he stated a fact about the name and design. You insist on using that name on many different designs. You are ignoring reality, you are distorting the facts. If you state you get milk from a stone, and the auditorium agrees, you are still wrong.


Opinion does not make a FACT. What does the data say? How does it say it? Again, what does the documentation say…?

The ‘auditorium’ is a matter of opinion/Crowd-think/Herd mentality.

(Wilfried Ellmer) #204

can we have pictures about the ramform island on this thread and can all other chitterchatters just shut up please…and go to play somwhere else… :+1:


We already had one, “don’t repeate”. :+1: :+1:


What possible benefit is there for a floating city to be based on a boat design.

If people want to live on a floating boat, they can do that now.

A floating city, would look like a city, right? Just my $0.02


Please put it back up.


Where is this Ramform Island design? How did Roar Ramde design it? What are the hull characteristics? How does he describe it in relation to his other Ramform designs?


(Wilfried Ellmer) #209

Floating structure base types: / Lens shell pictures overview / / Ramform floating home pictures / / c-shell floating home pictures / / Floating concrete building methods / / shell cluster pictures / / investor proposal list / the ramform (or triangular shape) is just one possible design in wider range of options that all have their frame of utility . To progress on design it is important to aquire a basic understanding where are the benefits and limits of each design…


That’s basic spam, and so many links back to Ellmer’s site for search engine optomisation. He isn’t posting here to deliver information to us, or to improve this site, or to discuss the merits of any design, he’s here to make his site look important based on the number of links to it.


You know, I’m glad Roar Ramde isn’t in this forum. He’d probably sue you for slander and defamation, and copyright infringement.

Once you begin to acquire that basic understanding, please let us know. since you obviously don’t understand the language of the Ramform.


You know, I wish Roar Ramde is in this forum. He’d probably sue you for slander and defamation, and copyright infringement.

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Precisely, Ramform Island is a floating structure loosely based on the principles, not the shape, of the ramform ship.


Let me ask… Why are you calling it a ‘Ramform’ Island? Ramform indicates Roar Ramde, and he had nothing to do with it.

Personally, there’s a better ring to it being the Volco Crescent. Give yourself some credit, rather than Roar Ramde.

(Matias Volco) #215

Thank you but I’ll stick to Boomerang Island. Thanks Kat!


@ellmer, @Matias

Please note, this whole stupid argument is over terminology. Ramform is specific to Roar Ramde.

Not a single remark has been negative on the Crescent design…


There could be tho. I’d like to see real wave studies on waves approaching the arms, on-point and broadside (together and separately). I suspect a certified naval architect will tell you there’s issues. You could maybe solve those issues, mitigate them, but the expert giving positive consultation would certainly help your standing. I see issues, but i cannot quantify them, and i am not assuming they are acceptable to you or not. I think the entire benefit of the design is the “harbor”, and that is just one (part time) benefit (and may be a serious liability) which could be installed on any floatie or grounded design. There are existing portable breakwaters (grounded and floating) which are re/moved when heavy storms are coming, i think that approach will help you considerably.

I would like to see you call it something else unrelated to “ramform”.


My remarks are almost entirely negative on the crescent design.

  1. It’s ugly
  2. It’s impractical
  3. It gives no benefit for living spaces over other “house like” designs. I.e. it gives no greater strength, space utilization, wind capability.

There is simply no reasoning behind this choice of design. Except maybe: It looks odd, seasteading is odd, they go together.

A ramform is a ship design. A ship is a structure designed to move. It’s shape is dictated by the desire to be propelled efficiently through the water.

A seastead is a community of people living at sea. It is not designed to move with any particular speed. So any flow dynamics with regard to movement are completely wasted in a stationary object. If you ever try to float a crescent shape, you find that floating characteristics are really strange. It’s hard to balance the floatation on the points with the center portion. Most of the time you will tilt up or down with reference to the points. Any advantage to the “prow” with regard to prevailing waves are undone by the waves acting on the “stern” of the structure. One medium size wave from the back is going to smash out all those nice tall windows (which give no privacy). it’s just overall a dumb design.

If you want to live on a ship then buy a condo in MS-The World and move in! It already exists.

This forum is for floating cities, not ugly boats.


It works equally well if the current is doing the moving. Kind of like an airplane, that way… A hull in moving water is very much like a moving hull in water, and airplane has an indicated airspeed, which is a combination of ground speed, plus-or-minus the moving air.

Think of it this way, anchor a boat in a river and the bow wants to aim upstream, while the speed indicator shows the speed of the water moving around and under the hull. A boat going downstream is going faster than the indicated speed and one going upstream is going slower.


At which point a seastead is no longer related to a homestead, and you’re stuck with the cranky neighbor in the pink bunny-slippers and the Walter-Mathau grouch across the hall, etc. Thanks, but I’ll take an ugly boat over that concept, ANY day…