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And the uniquely shaped bottom and the specially shaped lower projecting edge all along the hull. He put buoyancy where needed most.


I do have access to a few Naval Architects, and am awaiting further contact from several corporations and Naval Architectural firms. I may not have money, but I’m not stupid. I’ve already posted better documentation on the structure and construction of ferrocement boats and ships, than anyone else has offered.

I’ve documented the real Ramform, and the source of the term (Roar Ramde). I’ve documented the IMTA stuff. I’ve documented a lot of the Biogas stuff. Hell, I even helped document your ferrocement submarine and what happened to it (crying shame what those divers did).

Proof is in the documentation.

(Matias Volco) #183

If it’s going to be towed only occasionally why not make it just a bubble with an open “aft” side, and forget the ramform hull altogether? A dome like roof like the one you already pictured, in the sea, is already permanently well oriented for a greenhouse.
+ Bow and perhaps a dock? = …


A proper, streamlined hull shape has a number of distinct advantages, when it comes to using the current for both power-generation and directional stability. Basically, I need it to do what I need it to do, and for it to do so consistently. I don’t want to have to think about it, later, or make a decision, I want to tie-up to my mooring and let it use the current, instead.


I like the concept behind the Jellyfish Barge, but, it will only work well for one of my concepts, and even then, the concept requires it to be a 3-story structure.


The problem with that design is how many problems there are in it. It’s wood, it’s got plastic exposed to direct sun, it’s firmly in the wave zone, the roundness is not inherently any better than being square (unless you expect it to be fending off breaking waves coming aboard?). And if you look inside it you will see a lot of wasted space and flimsy water-culture pipes held only with tyraps™. Plus their price tag for it is excessive.

(Wilfried Ellmer) #187

may i suggest to not discuss jellyfish on the ramform picture thread… :yum: we will not make progress until developing a culture of thread discipine…

(Matias Volco) #188

Discussing terminology is pointless but it appears your only problem is referring to these designs as a Ramform.
The Ramform Titan, etc are ships, meant to travel and move at a constant speed while maintaining stability. You said your ramform design is not meant to be a ship but a seastead made like a ferrocement vessel?

Ramform Island is a floating island that can be oriented to always have a leeward harbor where ships and lighter houseboats can dock.


Then please build a proper dome frame of the correct materials, and don’t put it in the wave zone. Wait, you know all that already, nevermind! :grinning:

(Wilfried Ellmer) #190

the point is the pointlessness of the talk… if somebody has a hypothesis - present it clearly and consistent.

possible hypothesis:

  • triangle is patented ( obvious nonsense)

  • a bow is not needed ( only correct in a fishpond)

  • i have a better design ( present and argument it in your own thread…)

stop pointless chitterchatter…

  • And a triangle or boomerang shape is not a ramform.


Ramform is a term based on the NAME of Roar Ramde and using HIS hull design. No Ramform has a harbor, or trailing limbs to induce drag, because Raor Ramde’s design is something different. HOWEVER, even if my seastead is not moving, it will be in the current, and therefore have an indicated speed equivalent to the current, so, effectively it is still in need of proper streamlining.

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is anybody having a learning curve here anwhere soon or are we catering to the "borderline retarded " doodler combining strong opinion with low knowledge …repeating over and over again… if this is the case on this forum… we really need to have a forum apart for “serious talk of adult persons with a scientific aproach”…


I hope you can catch on, soon, but I’m beginning to have my doubts


Yes, we must cater to you, you can’t seem to grasp basic concepts.

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the whole thing here is pointless - suggest to move on


But you still manage to get in a link to your site!

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you deserve the toodlerlink… you owned it…


And another link to your site.



  1. What counts is the strength of the point made not the conviction and frequency with it is repeated and insisted on

  2. Topics always come with a “reading list” everybody talking is supposed to have read and understood the themes that are in the reading list. If anybody makes a comment that shows a “non knowledge” of the reading list - he is not considered a “talkworthy partner” and his comments are widley ignored as “umpa lumpa talk”.

  3. do not postulate things that are “opinion” as if it where “fact” - you will be called out on that - get used to differ opinion and fact precisely.

16 ) when a valid point is made discussion is over (nobody is discussing if the sun is center of the solar sistem anymore in heated debates - this debate was on in Nicolaus Copernicus times - it is kind of over today -)

According to that post, you are admitting you are wrong, on Ramform, and arguing pointlessly. I documented the evidence. End of discussion on what “Ramform” is and the etymology of the term.

PICTURE the RAMFORM… I did, using a Roar Ramde Ramform hull design…

Then I gave all the reasons, in the following discussion why I made the decisions I did.