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Ramform Island showing shell with different gradients of openness and weatherproof on its leeward side, or aft



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Funny, I’ve proposed exactly that, a number of ways, as well as other concepts that are equally storm-tolerant, based on known functioning vessels, from spar-buoys, like the FLIP, to variations of the patented Ramde Ramform hull design.

My latest rendering for a couple/small family Ramform…

Seasteading Book | comming out in March | Simon & Schuster
Seasteading Research Station?
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I designed and opened the “Picture the ramform” - thread to picture the ramform - so anything that is not picturing it is off topic.

See more: here


For someone that claims to be intelligent, that denies facts, makes false claims, posts pics and lies about what is depicted, then tries to steal concepts, terminology, and demands money to introduce them to non-existent ‘investors’…


US 20120227652 A1
The invention relates to a ship of the displacement type with a Ramform™ hull that has a transom stern (100), a longitudinal length L in the design waterline plane (300), a base plane (400) parallel with the design waterline plane at a distance T corresponding to the design draught of the hull and including essentially sinusoidal waterlines (602), a sloping plane (200) that comprises the bottom of the after end of the ship and which extends from the transom stern (100) at the design waterline plane (300) to the base plane (400) at approximately L/2 and a bulge on each side along a considerable part of the length of the hull, terminating at the forward end of the hull ahead of the length L in a tongue-like bulb member (900). The relationship between the maximum beam B and the design draught T is considerably more than 7, preferably between 10 and 12, and where the bulges (901) form the bulb member (900) and aft towards L/2 have a transversal horizontal orientation from the surface of the hull and which from about L/2 rotate gradually downward 90 degrees into a vertical orientation so that the bulge (902) at the transom stern (100) lies below the sloping plane (200) and along the outer edges of the sloping plane, but within the maximum beam B and above the base plane (400).

PLEASE make note of the elevated “TM” following the term “Ramform”, in the Patent, denoting that the term IS indeed Trademarked.

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Minimalism: just do it. Just build something. Something new.

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Go ahead Wil, although do you mean the already published or the many specs in the pipeline?

Offshore Cove or Haven in initial stages

Floating Island Harbor / Breakwater City
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The Picture the Ramform thread was opened to give concept lead Architect Matias Volco | @Matias | a platform to display his artwork and inform the interested public about the concept …

It is NOT a thread for meta topics ranting etc…

Everybody who is not interested in the concept, or has nothing to contribute, is cordially invited to stay off the thread and work his prefered “other topics” in seperate threads he opens.

@ellmer - thread starter.

Small family size ramform

Floating marina sized Ramform - aproaching from the wave protected lagoon.

Ongoing construction of floating homes in the wave protected lagoon…

Growing from Marina size to Floating City size.

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  • Seasteading begins on the coast

  • Ramform Island is a replication of a coastal feature

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• The structures and shapes used successfuly in todays marine business are the “working models” for the shapes of the seasteads of tomorrow - it is just a matter of “scale up” …

• Seasteading does not need to be invented - it is “out there in many forms” already…

The structures above illustrate the principle of a bow against the waves and windfaning as seastead design key features - only structures above 400m size can survive the open ocean in storm condition without a bow pointing against the waves.

Floating docks, sandbanks, and barges, are only suitable for VERY protected waters…unless they become so big that even a Draupner Wave is a “small wave” compared to the size of the structure …

Portunus (last line of pictures) marks the transition point where a size that can start to skip the bow (even in open water) is reached . (Portunus features a reduced and rudimentary bow but is designed as offshore project)


| understand seastead design principles | the bow | the turrett mooring | ecuador floating base - movements videos | lego style designs - limits | pointless experiments already done | Tanka | Uros | seasteading for 1200 years - never developed further | transition capacity to a floating city is key | Venice | understand economic drivers singapore sandbank building | the phase 1 key conversation | the evolutionary line of steasteading | solve the technology bottleneck |

context: giant landfill projects to create real estate | [singapore landfill](https://nautilusmaker.discoursehosting.net/t/singapore-land-fill-the-idea-of-the-grounded-state-falling-apart-liquid-real-estate-floating-real-estate/268/1) - the end of the grounded state |

context: seasteading better than landfill - get investors to seasteading projects | make seasteading investment worthy | change discourse | politics less is more |

Building Barges Using Advanced Concrete Methods?
Modular Extension | Connectors | Cellular expansion | Building Technology
Building Barges Using Advanced Concrete Methods?

Combi-Dock and Combi-Lift semi-submersible vessels only look ‘U’ shaped, because tthe dry-dock is partially flooded, with the gate open, to allow float-in/float-out. There is a full hull, beneath that water…


Your thread is Titled: Picture the Ramform…

To date, you have not posted a single fact about Ramform® Vessels, while I have fully documented the patents as well as many designs, and all but the latest development, which I am correcting NOW…

IMO: 9676890
MMSI: 311000628
Call Sign: C6DB4
Flag: Bahamas [BS]
AIS Vessel Type: Other
Gross Tonnage: 20637
Deadweight: 9000 t
Length Overall x Breadth Extreme: 104.2m × 70m
Year Built: 2017
Status: Active

Read more at http://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/details/ships/shipid:4900124/mmsi:311000628/imo:9676890/vessel:RAMFORM_HYPERION#DiUufLzIJzTHUDky.99

Ramform Hyperion is Launched
March 22, 2017

PGS has completed its newbuild program and has a fleet that is stronger than ever. Ramform Hyperion was celebrated in a naming ceremony at the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Shipbuilding Co. yard in Nagasaki, Japan today.

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Matias Volco designs are better suited for a stationary use with a better protected lagoon feature…at the end we do not look for a efficient survey ship - we look for a seastead.

Note the (articulated) train configuration of the arms to reduce hog/sag forces…

  • it is a similar base principle but a different approach…for a different use.

It is supposed to be a harbor, a marina, a living space, rather than a towing ship…and it is designed to be contiously expandable to grow with the community - what is also a bit different - that should not be so hard to understand…hopefully… google it here

(Edited by moderator- no more insulting people. Ignore, refute, counter, but no insults or you need to leave)

context: Seasteading is underevaluated as investment field | need to change things |

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[quote=“ellmer, post:423, topic:640”]
Note the (articulated) train configuration of the arms to reduce hog/sag forces…

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And, again, I wish you good luck.

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The technical parts of the ideas, I think, is good.
Execution of the ideas; I see zero. In this one we are equal.
I do not like the monetary planning.

Other than that: I wish all good luck!

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Off topic. You complain about that enough, live up to your own standards.

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So, I happened to come across this, just minutes ago…
Gingerbread anyone?

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