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putting this model in a finite element program we also get no obvious stress points when hog and sag forces introduced by ocean waves are simulated. So that is definitly a shape that provides a realistic starting point to work with… I especially like the “thinning out in the ends” that takes away surpus buoyancy from where it can create damaging forces in tail events. All has definitly a nice yachty look without having yacht cost to build…

It can perfectly blend into a yacht ambient and anchor site …

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@Matias - to start the ramform development in a "floating yacht marina ambient is certainly a great starting point - another possibility is to work the "industrial segment of load / unload and container transshipment infrastructure facilities…

This picture where Matias Volco combines “oceanic transport industry” with a marina sized ramform gives a vision how this can work…the calm water space created by the arms converts to a “container transshipment port installation”

a floating city will need a floating port at some point of its development anyhow…


My concept, based on the patents and one of the conceptual designs by Wally Yachts…

~62ft LOA
~48ft Beam
~48in Draft
Intended to be unpowered, nearly self-sufficient, premanently moored offshore. Hydrodynamics allow for the current to maintain a bow-forward attitude, the overall stability prevents an easy roll-over, the general design allows greenwater to shed rapidly, No hatches facing forward, or on top prevent easy water accumulation during adverse weather conditions. Double-hull ferrocement-like construction, using a proprietary technique I came up with in the last few days (not releasing significant details until much later), using Basalt rebar and preferably Geopolymer cement (formula still not completely finalized). Hull will be superinsulated, using flotation foam. Daily electricity will generally be wind and water-current generated, with some solar panels mounted atop the ‘pilothouse’ and living suite.

Biodegradable wastes will be handled by an advanced Anaerobic Methane Digester, followed by an aerobic phase, prior to use as hydroponic fertilizer, in the greenhouse. Greenhouse also acts as source for distilled water, using a simple 2-stage evaporation/condensation setup. Membrane-type molecular sieve will remove CO2 from the Biogas, and that will be used for atmospheric enrichment, within the greenhouse.

I intend to attempt to use an advanced thermo-acoustic cryogenic condenser to decrease the required storage space for the purified Methane. A nearly identical system may be used for liquified air, to be stored for simple expansion-refrigeration and backup energy supply (modified ‘steam’ engine generator).

Additional stabilization will include a hydrofoil-lke heave damping device, passive/active moving ballast system, using interconnected, partially flooded compartments. Induced airflow may present a potential energy source, using bi-directional turbine generators as the flow-restriction, during passive mode, and blowers will be used to forcebly control the tank levels, in active mode, using a method already in commercial production.

Jeff Frusha

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@Matias | the front of the thing looks familiar to you ? | turret mooring | bow design | point bow against the waves | directional design for everything ship sized - 400m | keep the vulnerable stuff in the wave impact safety shadow of a big bow that can take a mayor wave |

The [offshore aquaculture part is over here](http://discuss.seasteading.org/t/offshore-aquaculture-realistic-projects-big-business-seafood-ocean-colonization/1631) as it would be misplaced in "picture the ramform"

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Fantastic find! The video clearly displays all the working concepts for a ramform base.
Notice the boats working on either side of the structure. Probably even in rougher weather at least one side would be somewhat protected too?

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430m is already somewhat too long to fit nicely between wave crests in most conditions so instead taking waves directly from the front you would probably prefer what ship captains do - take big waves in an angle - this also creates a calm area alongside you can work with…

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Ramform set up as support facilities for Massive Open Ocean Aquaculture

Kelp? and water?
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Ramform set up as light residential and small nautical hub or club.

More at Floating Islands

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Ramform setup for the Open Ocean as a Floating Resort - Residential or Mixed Used Condominium

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true but so is the opposite (igloo yurt hut and cave)

Ramform (as other tubular structures) is ideal for straight angles, open balconies and a harbor promenade

Updated Pictures at Floating Islands

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If “boxiness” really where a “desireable factor” there is little limit for the boxiness you can have for all the C-shell floating houses in the ramform lagoon - where they are in non wave ambient and protected from (Draupner) wave impact as their base design requires.

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Ramform set up as Port or Marina for Floating Financial Center

Introducing the Ocean Star
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Ramform set up as a shipyard

Simple, stable, modular, spar type interlocking platforms
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I thought it is about making it a reality

I think that surface geometry is an emotional topic here, which destroys the conversation. For the sake of the conversation, I will name this shape a Whatever. This place has a terrible admin.

I think it is important to utilize outer walls as a breaker to make material spent/space gained best. It is a fact that enough mass correctly distributed in a triangular shape will, if the alignment will be set correctly, be very stable.

It is in the end about pushing the costs to sustainable levels, creating a product, push that product to the market on the old sales channels, new sales channels or create our own channels if you can. Make it happen, no?

Anything else than a reasonable conversation about a way to make seasteading happen is not my seasteading movement. Talk about the future? What? Why? There is no future if we are going to sit and talk. We should be supporting one another with ideas and concepts and all I see is petty rivalry over whatever. I feel like in a parrot breeding club…

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I would suggest to use the “Picture de Ramform” thread to “picture the ramform”…that keeps the reading experience for the thread user enjoyable…it is probably in the interest of the movement to keep discussions under the adequate title and hold some form of “thread discipline”… | read more |


Funny… I tried that, using modified versions of the Trade Marked and Patented Ramform design, by Roar Ramde, and caught flack for it. :laughing:

it’s OK, though. Keeping my concept real-world-scale, within the TM, copyrights and patents, to keep my rear out of real-world trouble, and beginning with a yacht to prove the design at a reasonable size, before I bother with a more complete, self-sufficient scale. Initial plan designs should be commissioned within the next couple of months, followed by simulations, tank-testing and further development, prior to completing the blueprints, after which I will begin construction of a real Ramform design.
Jeff Frusha


Interesting note: at least 3 of PGS’ smaller Ramform Vessels are ‘cold-stacked’… Shut down. Ramform Viking, Ramform Challenger and Ramform Explorer are all shut-down, unless they have been leased or sold, by now.


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Le “Ramforme” une Plataforme expandible pour la mer

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@Matias | wonderful visualizations of realistic designs for floating harbors, marinas and cities, in light honeycomb composite technology. Your new restructured site is even better than the old one ! Keep the good stuff comming. Inspireing the ocean colonization community.

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Thank you @ellmer , here is a specific vision for an expandable seaworthy Ramform Base

Alternatively a small ramform not very different from the light triangular prototypes you built would be a good example of a floating villa for calm waters, such as those inside another ramform or inside an calm bay or attoll.

Simple, stable, modular, spar type interlocking platforms