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lens shell

Picture the Ramform | get invested | get started | oceanic business alliance
Would these sea steads have a military?
Picture the Plate Shell
Marinea the project
Picture the Ramform | get invested | get started | oceanic business alliance
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lens shell floating houses infrastructure

Lens shells styles and concepts

big lens shell

lens shell ramform combined

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lens shell ramform boat docks


Do you live in a dome house now?

Me neither.

They were popular back in the 1980s. Many were built in my city.

You know their resale value is significantly below a conventional “box” house of the same size.


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I got to go, but best regards.

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please respect that this thread was created to “picture the lens shell” not to “discuss its validty” so if you want to present a hypothesis to do that do it in a dedicated thread you open.

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@i_is_j_smith - this thread is probably not for you for the reasons explained goofy picture posting is not a “apreciated service” to the seasteading community. Althoug the last picture makes quite precise the point why i am not a big fan of stilt projects…the uncertainty of the load bearing characteristics of stilts on the long run…

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Remember that and take your own advice the next time you are filling a thread with pointless pictures of computer-generated fantasy structures.

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@i_is_j_smith, it is not about your personal ego - it is about making progress…control of time waste and coherency of thought lines…in short seperate scientific debate from inmature doodler arguing… is this thread lost to the doodlers - am i wasting time here ? - probably.

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No one is going to put $100’s of millions into those cgi pics when you have nothing at all in the way of any seastead now. You don’t have a population to live on any seastead, no one has bought tickets, no one is waiting in line at the dock, there’s no supply lines to any seastead, no seastead approving agency, no classification category.

Your cgi highly resembles the Kulluk, and while i know Marinea is to be grounded, you may want to read up on that design’s sea-keeping behavior in heavy seas. (Note in one storm with 30ft waves, the 70ft tall sides of the Kulluk were being washed over.) The Kulluk’s thrusters were cut out in 2012 and auctioned off in 2013, i expect the rest of the ship was scheduled for cutting up in mid-late 2014. Now would be a fine time to ask for the stripped hull, to be converted into Marinea, if you still want to, if any of it still exists.

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thanks for your opinion and technical input our technical advisory board is aware of the issues of oceanic construction. Thanks also for pointing out basic marketing issues i actually agree that the investor conversation should be taken beyond paper early in the project.


@ellmer , your heartfelt thanks and sarcasm are not required, but i appreciate your misguided floundering efforts to appear worldly and educated in this forum. Please discontinue.

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better and complete info on the kulluk it was (accidentally) beached on a rocky coast in a storm stayed upright and without movement (instead of being destroyed as you would expect) and was later refloated and transported from Alaska to Singapore…


The wikipedia page is a lot shorter, and gives no data on the interactions between it and the sea, which i believe are vital for anyone wanting to use that sort of platform to live on in the sea. It also does not explore the problems in real life, as experienced, in trying to tow such a shape. I chose to not give the wikipedia page as additional info, especially as it is a default look-up go-to for many people as default.


It wasn’t stationary or safe while grounded during the storm:

Singapore, where the decision was made to scrap it as a total loss.

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Kulluk - accidental beaching in a storm successful refloat - the rest is irrelevant in the context…if you can’t see that you are obviously not up to the task to draw the correct engineering conclusion from that incident - but that is my opinion…others might differ…


Thank you for the photo of it being washed over with salt water while firmly beached. Please note the deck is 70ft above waterline.


If your opinion is the hulk was dragged off the beach, ok, that happened. In the context of humans living on it, well, it did go adrift despite 3 tow vessels, one specifically designed just to tow that one vessel, failed to keep control of it. And the Kulluk was cut up as scrap after that. I am unsure how that helps you pursuade anyone to invest in it or to live on it.