Philosophy justifying the Ethics of Jurisdictional Choice

(John McCone) #1

I have now managed to write a systematic derivation of morality, which I then use to irrefutably derive a theory of human rights and political legitimacy based on the social contract.

In it I place jurisdictional choice at the center of both justice and morality. I have aIso made a robust defence of competitive governance and managed to reconcile Hobbes law of peace with Singer and Hare’s preference utilitarianism as well as Bentham’s hedonistic utilitarianism.

I have defined a new type of government I christened “constitutional anarchy” and conclusively proved it to be more equitable than representative democracy and indeed the most equitable form of government that is theoretically obtainable. Constitutional anarchy is most effectively implemented on a liquid environment, it is fundamentally wasteful to implement constitutional anarchy in a solid environment.

I have also invoked the concept of flattened consumption combined with zero taxation on re-investment to resolve the tension between capitalism and socialism that categorizes the left-right debate and argued for the innate value of local communities that can pass local laws.

I believe this book will be an aid to anyone looking for additional robust arguments to justify jurisdictional choice.

If anyone wants to know more, I’d be happy to provide answers.



Remind me, if it makes it to “Good Reads”…

perhaps a follow-up should be done incorporating international law, law-of-the-seas and the pirates’ code.

Jeff Frusha

(John McCone) #4

It seems to have made it to “Good Reads”


I’ll look into it. Wasn’t trying to be snide, or snarky, just practical. Can’t throw money at it, right now, but at least I can see the reviews.