Personal Improvements are a worthy project

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I know the numbers too., you can find a link.

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Benjamin High Pressure Hand Pump ( I bought it on Amazon )

WaveToGo Paintball HPA Tank Fill Adapter Blk Scuba Fill Station

There is one modification necessary for the adapter:
The female connecting nozzle has to be changed to a male one,
and the pump connects to the adapter without any more modification.
The connection nozzle is threaded and it is screwed in the adapter.
It can be unscrewed with a wrench and the new nozzle needs only a bit of
teflon tape on the threads to seal it in by screwing it in.

PDF manual of the pump states:
2.3 Pump to fill the air reservoir until the desired pressure is reached.
Pressure should not exceed the recommended pressure of the pre-charged
pneumatic airgun or exceed the pump rating of 3600 PSI.

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Wow. That is quite the hand pump.

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May be and idea of improvement on a small number level.
A large boat is generally more expensive than a small boat.
A boat is a liability too. The boat has to be moored or docked.
To dock a large boat costs more than to dock a small boat.
To moor a boat costs about the same, large or small.
One of the idea is to get two boats a large sailboat (50’)
moor it. A smaller power boat (25’) dock it. Use the
power boat to get to the sailboat. The power boat can be
docked in liveaboard or regular docking, or it can be trailered.

And the idea comes up what boat to get. For a sailboat for
seasteading, I think a specialized boat would be the best.
Commercially built boats are almost all coastal cruisers.
It might be easier and cheaper to built a seasteader sailboat than
to buy one. After building such a boat, that boat still have to be
kept somewhere. Lots of these kind of projects end up in back yards.
I know someone, who makes his own projects and docks it, and sails it.
Those are mostly conversions.

But anyways, liability of a boat built is still there, specially if the boat
is moved out of the back yard. A boat like that has to be registered.
To take it anywhere civilized, there is a need for insurance.

On the Pacific coast, it would be a liability.

Some people are harbor hoppers. Each harbor allowes 5 days of free
mooring. 6 harbors, and voiala, free of docking fees and mooring fees,
but the boat has to move.

If there was way a to moor a boat outside a harbor , in a kind of deep
water, deep sea environment, that could be very cheap. If these boats
would be specially designed and built to withstand such an environmental
conditions, that might help. And than a smaller boat to go between
dock or boat ramp and the deep water mooring field.

I would like to call it something like; The Pacific Deep Water Mooring Field.

The same idea came up with FAD (Fish Aggregating Devices).
There are some buoyant underwater objects anchored out there for fish
and for fishing. So the idea of permanently anchoring something in
deep water is already being done.

Lots of logistics would have to be considered: the way to anchor, probably
suction anchors, not to pose navigational hazard, negotiate with
USCG, Navy, other authorities. And elbow work.

And finally a mooring field, like that, could be a jumping board to the
Pacific ocean for seasteading or for sailing the farm.

This could be a low cost project.

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Software I learned to use some:

u-bloks for the Glonass (Russian)GPS receiver.

Google Maps Downloader

sketchup - 3d graphics drawing program

SAS - map software interfaces with different systems, it works
other programs crashed.

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It would be interesting thing to be able to load google satellite maps and data
and other charts into an xgody gps device. Anyone is into it?
I have one of this gps thing. It works well on land.
Seabed info with gps satellite positioning would be great.

example of the device:


Making mini projects off the coast near my residence to get data to be used for the main project. After all, what’s the point of floating a 60 meter square platform if we can’t even float a 6 meter square platform using the same physics and measurements?


Hi Shiina,

After all, what’s the point of floating a 6 meter platform? What the heck is that? A dinghy??

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Distilled spirits too, or just beer?


lol I guess you can consider it an oversized floating flowerpot.