Paranormal & Seasteadings

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Imagine Seasteads to examine nearby these:

Vortex Zones
"Alaska Trinagle
Bermuda Triangle
Great Lakes Triangle"
& other like Seabased locales.

These Seasteads can be 50-100 miles out from the Vortex Zones & send in drone subs to scout area & aerial drones for above studies.
Or build modular Vortex lab Island for studies & shuttle lab team to site by sub or boat, plane.

Other topics for these labs
Rogue waves
Unidentified submerged objects which also become UFOs.
undersea archelogical ruins?
Sea myths, lore for area.


Merge Science on these topics
PR for Seasteading
Solve centuries old sea lore??
expand Marine sciences.
tap new energy source IE gas pockets under Bermuda Triangle for power.
select Seastead Islands only by Locale.

Who knows what a USO: Unidentified Submerged Object can do to a Seastead??
either Full Colony or lab.
USO speeds are above 60 knots.
Nuclear subs do 60 knots maximum speed.

Seastead Island names

Bermuda Triangle Vortex Lab.
Seastead Vortex Zone Research Ins: SSVZRI.
for “Vortex Zones” only.

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The Philadelphia Experiment

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