Pacific Wave start

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Splitting from Marinae because of location East-Coast/West-Coast.

I hope Marinea will succeed. That would be beneficial for seasteading.

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Pacific Wave: I cannot say “we” because it is just me.
I do not want to sell any property to live in, nor rent any. Though, I would like to build one for business.
It would be a kind of business co-op. (co-op = business co-operative)
The starting idea would be marine based agriculture.
Probably agriculture is the easiest value making process to get into.

One is fishing: catch fish and sell fish. Something easier would be to harvest kelp and sell kelp.
The difficult part with kelp might be to dry kelp and grind kelp and storage it until sale.

The co-op would probably help with basic know-how, and sales of products.
Co-op would probably not buy from producer, but storage and sell to buyers and get an operating cost.

Later on, members could get into growing kelp. First it would be harvest of naturally growing kelp.
Processing products could be on a floating structure.
Processing: drying, grinding and storage. First this could be on someones own boat. Later this processing
could be done on a floating structure. Floating structures will be necessary.
A boat is also a floating structure, because it has a structure and it floats, but it also qualifies as a

There are people who come to the area, where I live, and spend time here. During winter, this place
is a warmer climate than other places. (Southern-California).
Some of these people spend time living on boats in a live-aboard marinas. Many of these people have
little chance to earn money here during their stay. For some people a kelp based marine agriculture
could provide a way of earning a living. The kelp for animal feed would be a lots of work little money
in the beginning, but it could start a marine based business. This could be later expanded to other
things such as deep sea mining, fishing, ocean pasture maintenance, … etc.
And the goal would be to move out of territorial waters of any country, into ‘Libertarian Waters’.
(no visas, no work permits, just hard work and duties in case of import of products into a country)

First I am planning to do it myself: to harvest kelp, dry it, grind it, and sell it as animal feed. Later I would
’sponsor’ other people as making this process available to get into as a co-op business style of activity.
(co-op = business co-operative)


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There is a business with the name Pacific Wave in Santa Cruz, Ca, USA.
I will have to find another name. Good bye Pacific Wave.

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spark, there is a 1944 ex-navy barge available in Los Angeles for 50k.

crowdfund with 100 people and it could be had for 1000-2000 per person after shipping, maintenance, and related work.

link is

I am also disenfranchised with the proposition of selling property. I have the goal of a sovereign entity at sea, not simply a boat in harbor with the normal terrestial legal issues applying.

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Spark, let me encourage you to push ahead and make that sea farm. Who knows, maybe we’ll join you or perhaps a joint venture. That barge idea sounds possible. I have those first of the year costs and taxes that I need to pay first but after I clear those, maybe a couple of months, I could see my way to buying one of those shares.

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Long live the cause, I just have to find a different name,

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West Coast Seasteading Association of Independent Venturers.

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no, I would rather stay without a name

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How about peaceful seas? I was told that was what pacific means.

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no, I would rather stay without a name

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OK, last try. How about, “the nameless place”?

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haha haha haha-)) post must be at least 20 characters

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Pacific Weave / post nust be 20 char or more

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Can we not refer to you as spark anymore?

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Yes, that can be done. How would you like to refer to me?

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How goes the tire weaving? Is it a boat yet?