Pacific Ring Weave

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I thought to call it “diagonal” since the join is on a slant. Not joining up two opposing corners put me off.

The other name I thought of was “fishbone” though with no actual spine to it, I also dropped this one.

Anyway, “D” it is for that Ring-Web System from now on (instead of “V”).

(But I am still thinking about that crane!)

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More about FAD (fish aggregating device) in a fish tank (aquarium).
Probably I will cut some weights off so it can float.

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During the cool off period please enjoy some rubber ducky pictures:

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Meanwhile I went to the city dump. I thought, I would reenact the Alice’s Restaurant
Massacre. All I found was people with pickup trucks and trailers full of garbage.
And I saw lots of garbage trucks. The “garbage maffia”, well, I donno. I just saw working people.
The whole place looked like and episode of Dirty Jobs.

I also saw some tire places with lots of used car tires stored there. My understanding is that
some people have licenses to haul used tires. And they get paid for it.

I have read somewhere, Australian coal prices went up. Chinese electric generation was or is
dependent on Australian coal. In China the coal was substituted with burning used tires.
Used tires were shipped from US to China, and there was some money in it.
So people in china purchased shipment of US used car tires. Anyways, I would hope that is over.
I do not want to pay for getting the tires, but I would rather be paid.

Anyways, just a few thought about the tires.

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Old “news”. Chinese smog was detected in Utah usa years ago.

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working with tires:
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The length of the ring is about 107 cm (42’’), with is about 24 cm (9.5’’).

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I got to the number 4 with tires. I found them on the road thrown away.
These were garbage, and the places, where these were, look better without these.

I cut the rims off with a box cutter knife, or it can be called a carpet knife.
The only tool I used, was:

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I weaved the rings by hand:

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If I build a floating something using the ring weave technology, is that
going to infringe on any patent?

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JD’s Big Game Tackle - Fish Report

  • disclaimer: these fish reports are just that, fish stories that change daily.

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Meanwhile the plot is thickening. I got to tire #5.

(.) #37

How many teamsters does it take to change a light bulb?
Do you have a problem with that?

How many tires does it take to build whatever?


Just think, at this rate, you might have a rectangular trampoline mat ready by Summer…

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How big?

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Well, here is the question of how big, and how many tires?
How much money per tire, and what is the final sum of money and tires?

For that, may be some experience is necessary with the tires.
How many tires can be collected? How many tires are needed?
How big of a structure can be? How to automate some parts of the process?

(.) #41

I got some ideas from this little exercise.

(.) #42

How much diesel fuel can be distilled from the carcass of an elephant seal?
I guess, that depends.

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The plot is thickening. More tires: