Pacific Islanders Lead Seasteading

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Lelei LeLaulu is a development entrepreneur from Samoa who specializes in the Pacific Islands and advises the International Finance Corporation on sustainable business. He is a graduate of Harvard Business School. He spoke eloquently at the First Tahitian Seasteading Gathering here.


Polynesians instinctively understand the true values of seasteading.

Mr. Lelei LeLaulu video is a must see. I do take the liberty to re post it for a direct view.

Thanks for the link, Joe.

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Where is the link?

Ah, you don’t click on the play button in the middle of the picture, you click on the console box representation’s titlebar :


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Here’s a real link:


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Yanno, Joe Quirk posted that last video a month after he knew the deal was dead. And they still want you to buy their seacoins, even with no physical seastead, and no place to put one, and no plans to build one. They are worse off than they were a year ago, and talking to those few other nations which didn’t give an absolute “no” before.