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Canadian rooftop organic hydroponics experiment…

Easy Gardening With Homegrown Organic Hydroponics
Learn how to start your own organic hydroponic garden.
By Miranda Smith
March/April 1977

UK Physicist wanting to learn more about seasteading
UK Physicist wanting to learn more about seasteading

Hydroponic Gardening with Organic Fertilizers
A look at the growth patterns of hydroponically grown plants given organic fertilizers.
By James B. Dekorne
May/June 1976


They had to use that much total soil, to grow anything worthwhile, but he also specifies washout with every rain and side-dressing to make up for it, while they had serious problems with drying. I’m less interested in their failed dirt-farm, than the hydroponics…


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Organic Aquaculture

The legal status of using the organic label in the United States for aquatic species, and the future of developing U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) certification standards for organic aquaculture products and aquatic species, are under review. Internationally, several certifying bodies have developed organic aquaculture standards.


One of the ways to combine several aspects into organic hydroponics is the combined use of Biofertilizer from biogas digesters, compost tea from composted solids, such as fish poo (separated in some aquaponics systems), and worm-tea, from vermicomposting. Each type produces a different nutrient set, that, combined, should equate to a much better nutrient supply, for growing a wider variety of plants.

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Good food source for Seasteads alone , love the idea.
& have roofs connect for a huge roof farm to feed say 800.
Plus aquaculture.


50-60+ sq ft of hydroponics, per person, just for veggies…

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Keep in mind that is pretty intensive growing. You have to be ready with the next plant as soon as you harvest a plant. When you think of square footage, think vertical as well as horizontal. There are some crops that in my opinion are better grown in soil than with hydroponics. So you need to set aside some space for that as well.

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