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I mean by this is; in chess an opening move defines a lot.
Though, I do not play chess well. I just learned the moves and
some basic strategies.

There are some ‘game theories’, that are used in military tactics,
in economic tactics and competition, and politics.
Some people developed game theories, and they got a Noble price for it.
It is about mathematic modeling of an outcome. It uses probability on
practical experience.
What are the possible outcome? What is the probability of those outcomes?
It is a mathematical probability based on practical experience.
And there is a preferred outcome.

Doing the same thing, expecting a different result, is the definition of
insanity by some people.

The art of war, and the art of martial competition seems to be a fact of life.
In judo; when the referee stops the game and I see the ceiling; means
I probably will not get a winning point.

The whole game cannot be fully anticipated from the beginning, but there
are optimum moves. That means if the opponent is pinned to the floor,
and the opponent is having a difficult time to breath because my bodyweight, it is not the time for me to panic. Same way in chess, if I
take the queen of the opponent with my pawn, that is not a time for me to panic.

There are probably optimum moves in seasteading too.
The way, I see it, is for me, it is not good to go into dependent relationship
to start with. I would lock myself into a dependent interaction if that
interaction is not on the base of equality. So, I do not want to be a king,
nor a denizen.

The libertarian idea of, the one who commits violence first is in fault, seems
to be an important one. The violence can be in the form of deception also.

I stopped going to judo competitions, because I do not want to win or
dominate over another human being, and I do not want to be dominated either.
Though on higher levels, even in judo the purpose is defined as:
mutual benefit with minimum effort at maximum efficiency.

And Games People Play for domination, and that means some dominate,
and others are dominated.

I see libertarian ideas as anarchist ideas, as humans are equal beings,
and the one who dominates is in fault, specially when the one dominates
with violence. I see deception as a way to violence.

I see deception as an everyday thing. I see it as an addiction.
In an addiction, the person who is addicted is always the last person to
know his own state of mind. It is called: denial. (I am not! in denial!)

But, please read the small print. Why is it small? The small print is small,
so at the end of deception, it can be said, see it was disclosed.
And it was made small with the intention to make it more obscure.
(an opening move)
And again, I am not in the Nile, the Nile is a river in France.

And the libertarian ideas for me is, human interaction on agreements,
with no deception, for mutual benefit. (disturbing thought: sometimes it sounds like sex, I do not want to be an arbiter for others in that).

Anarchy, for me, means that no central authority of one man over another.
(women too). Anarchy for me, is about natural order, and natural laws.
Anarchy for me is not equal to chaos. Rather, I think that, human domination leads to chaos.

I hate philosophy, and I do not like religion either. Politics is just something I simply do not understand.

And I had enough of writing this.


The Nile river is in Africa. The Battle of the Nile was between the British Royal Navy and the French Republic.

One of my favorite movie quotes:
"A strange game. The only winning move is not to play."
From: “WarGames”

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Hehe-))) I got you with that Nile stuff.

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"A strange game. The only winning move is not to play."
From: “WarGames”

Same as the game of getting old, but it still beats the alternative.

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I have considered this about the initiation of force principle etc.

I wondered what a small society would be like if there was a social stigma that forever hung over the head of anyone using force against another, or like you said, exercising domination.

Not even just focusing on the initiation of force (people tend to be ok with defending yourself once force is initiated), but all force (the pacifist route). No rules of retaliation, imprisonment, retribution, etc. Just a stigma that comes with the use of force that would, over time, keep it to the absolute minimum. Like someone punching another person becomes the subject of conversation for weeks, the person who did it ostracized from their usual social groups and pretty much becoming a leper within the community as nobody wants to interact with someone that would do such a thing.

I’m wondering if it is even possible for a human to achieve. We are animals after all with primal instincts and emotions/reactions. But part of being “civilized” is moving far away from our primal nature and suppressing it in order to live together in a way that is different from our primitive days.

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Watch my next move:


I like camping too, and I camped a lot like Arnold Swartzenegger, on that
picture. Though, I do not think he ever had to camp like that. I had not
either, but it is fun, and I have done it. It is easy here, because it
seems like never ever rains in Southern-California. Hot right now.

I can take times that seemingly difficult. May be, Swartzenegger makes it
to governor again.

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I can just repeat myself, on the risk of being cruel:

Opening moves:

Using other people’s money is a bad move.
Entrapping other people to pay taxes or rent is a bad move.
Tricking people to pay for something that does not exists is a bad move.

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Chess is a game. Who ever sees more step ahead wins.
The boating game:
A boat can be cheap. An owner has to keep a boat somewhere, that
could be expensive. Good for those who own a marina.

If I owned a marina, and there would be not enough renters, I would
buy boats very cheap and sell the boats very cheap, but make up the
difference in renting slips to those who bought those boats from me.
And for kickbacks from insurance companies, I would require insurance
on the boats, kept in my marina.

But, back to legitimate business;
It is not enough to buy a boat, the boat has to be somewhere.
It is not enough to build a boat, the boat has to be somewhere.

Same thing with a seastead or an aquatic living, it has to be somewhere.

So, for building a boat or a place for aquatic living, the next step has to
be solved: where to put it.

There seems to be a condition, that the location to keep a boat or a
structure defines what kind of boat or structure it has to be.

And there is more, because what is the original purpose of seasteading?
Is the purpose of seasteading to make money the same way as
landlubbers do?

Well, anyways; I am interested about marine biology. Iron dumping
might be risky. FAD (fish aggregating device) not so risky.
I talked to a few people about FADs. Nobody offered to help, or buy,
or invest, or make one. But there were a few answers, “if you make one;
we will come out there to fish”. I will probably make one.
I will probably tell people where I put FADs so they can fish there.
That is the best I got so far. May be people benefit from fishing.
I will have to invest the time, effort and money. There are costs to go
fishing too, and I will probably not benefit monetarily from it.

But, I might learn to moor a buoy in deep water. I might even learn to
attach a boat to a buoy that is moored in deep water. And I might learn
enough, that by the time landlubbers object to what I am doing, I will be
ready to move into deeper water out of EEZ.

An opening move of mooring a buoy in deep water might not interfere
with my or anyone else’s grandiose plans.
The plan is to moor a buy in about 1500’ deep water.
There would be a large buoy at 60’ deep and a small buoy on surface.
This is to avoid being a navigation hazard. (Sooner or later landlubbers
will come up with an objection.) At 60’ deep on the large buoy there
would be kelp attached. This might grow to the surface. I think, something
has to be on the mooring line to signal to whales, dolphins and sharks, so
those do not get tangled in the line. And then, rinse and repeat. (like hand
To put another of this close to the first one, and another, to build a matrix
kind of something, where the eco-systems of the individual buoys would
interact with each other.

And by the time it is illegal, I would be ready to move out of jurisdiction.

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Opening moves depend on the strategy involved. In chess the early positions favor dominating the center of the board. Most regular openings do just that. The end goal is to trap the king, that seldom happens in the center of the board. The first move then is not on the board, the first move is to size up your opponent. What kind of player is he. He’s good at king openings but how is he with a queens gambit?

4 options for opening the seasteading game are 1) camouflage, by its very definition, this would require deception, a concept that I find repulsive, so scratch option 1.
Option 2 Hiding somewhere so far out of the way that no one can find us and wouldn’t want to try. But the reasons that no one is currently there, will be a problem for us too.
Option 3, Get married. Make it legal. Honest - but forever submissive to the host country. This is the TSI strategy in the South seas with a blend of hidden. We’ll see how good that opening is.
Marinea went with option 4, strength. Before we become operational, we will build an army of members. It won’t be this person or that group that some nation will be offending, it will be a million members that didn’t just sign a petition, they paid to belong. This is something that these people want badly. The next question that some nation will think is, how can we benefit from givings those million people what they want? Game on.

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Again: I wish you good luck.


first of, hello to everyone, i’m very happy to have found this community.

okay so opening move, in my opinion? its move, or movement… mobility

I come from the background of urban planning, and there i have come to view cities as living organisms: just like a human is made up of complex relation of cells, a city is made up of a complex relation of humans. So whats the connection? Because of the low resistance of water to movement, a floating city would be the first ever organism at its scale to be able to move. Imagine what great advantage had the first creatures who where able to move. Its such an important skill that all complex organisms now share this characteristic.

Imagine a city that could travel the international waters, based on climatic, economical, political etc reasons.

And this is not the whole dimension of mobility, being able as a whole structure to move from point a to point b. But internal mobility as well. With a modular platform design you could rearrange the structure of the city if the need arises. In a land city if for some reason you want to build a highway or a hospital or whatever, you have to demolish something to build it on top. Imagine, in a floating city you could just rearrange the platforms to make room for a hospital, or you could move an existing platform (factory lets say) out to the outskirts from the center.

so in my opinion one of the most beneficial opening moves would be …mobility.

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Hello Lohne,

Thanks for jumping in. Feel free to comment, browse the forum for lots of conversation over the years. Check out (and bookmark) the Wiki ( A quick note- that’s another software platform so it requires registration of a new user account to modifiy the Wiki, but you can use the same username and password if you like, it’s a different user database. I would encourage you to contribute articles there within your area of expertise.

You may also be interested in some of the articles TSI has published: and given your interest and background in City planning and the mobility issue, perhaps you would find this section most interesting:

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The Marinea Project has just moved, or is in the process of moving, all the magazine articles to this google thing… It’s the red G+ next to the Twitter bird on the Marinea website. Or you can just click here.

Anyway, welcome to the forum, if your hungry for knowledge about seasteading or ocean living, you’ll find it here.