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That is not “big business some day” - that is big business TODAY


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Ocean Ranching (Schooling?) sure will be a lifestyle!!!
The most entrepreneurial farmers could even travel to affluent cities and sell the crop live to fancy restaurants :wink:

Living it on the range: Ocean Sphere Habitat and Ocean Farm

Instead of importing the fish larvae and feed from land , could Ocean Hatcheries and plankton mills be established in floating ponds (light plates) inside the protection of an artificial floating harbor?

Ocean Drifters - Fish Ranchers with support harbor on the background for logistics, transportation hub, hatchery, feed stock and some misc commercial services.

Could this combination afford Massive Open Ocean Aquaculture?

Visualizing an Open Ocean Farming Settlement

Long stay cruise ships
Modern fish farm
Picture the Ramform | get invested | get started | oceanic business alliance
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@Matias - a spectacular work ! Visualizing is an important task . I see what you give us here is just a “appetizer” the complete version is on floatingislands

Just for the record there are many other designs that can be part of such a floating marine cluster, and other business fields too. Starting with a fish factory. A repair facility. Med center. etc...etc... such a aquaculture cluster has a realistic chance to grow organicly to a city over time. Just like the cattle farming settlements on the american frontier[.](

Other designs are feasible too | As it was mentioned in the video above "the violence of the ocean decreases EXPONENTIALLY with depth…

For both the cages and the habitats… all kind of loose and rigid clustering of units is on the table… Neil Sims from velella always mentions that the weakest part of the sistem is a surface boat constantly beaten up by the ocean waves - waves find their way to break things…in his conferences he is talking about “running it like a space station” …

[quote="Matias, post:13, topic:1631"] Ocean Ranching (Schooling?) sure will be a lifestyle [/quote]

@Richtrish1967 - I am missing Richard as a contributor in this conversation, sadly he was shued away by the “angry doodler coalition” in his first posts on this forum back in august 2015… (his comment was “so many angry people on this forum”) -

And there was another guy living on a floating ocean farm in Singapore - very active in the first forum version, with expert aquaculture posting - also gone… those two (and some others now gone) where probably the closest thing to a real world active ocean rancher the forum had a chance to talk to…and more important LISTEN too…and learn from…

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a bit different approach to a “fish cage solution”

Enormous scale is possible feasible and tested already (Ecofisk Tank) | with improved concrete composite shell methods a composite that is weight neutral in saltwater is doable.

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Could those concrete frames double as buoys and ocean fencing?
Surveillance, testing and feeding equipment might have something to hold on to that way reducing either propulsion or lines, or the need of a boat

Permanently operating the above support boat on below´s conditions doesn´t look either profitable or fun

in this context the picture of Ekofisk looks like a giant version of existing aquculture pens.

The bottom could be mostly solid (if trapping sediments, scrap food and waste, is desired) like an artificial seabed where lobster, sea urchin and cucumber might dwell and take shelter,

Closed Containment could also be an option to further alter-control conditions

Indeed it would be helpful to listen to the opinion of someone already doing open ocean aquaculture.

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@Matias i think the foto of the tuna rearing cage in “average open ocean conditions” makes the point quite clear…

You definitly do not want to have stuff on the surface where the ocean is most violent …"break fatique etc… decreases EXPONENTIALLY with depth | run it like a space station (Neil Sims Velella) |

another design for an oceanic fish cage…

Surveillance, testing and feeding equipment … need to become part of an “integrated underwater operation” or have the protection of a big ramform that does all the wave breaking and handling…and is at least 3 times wave size to exlude wave action in its lagoon featrue…

If you can not do aquaculture near a port due to the contamination you need to get the port out to the open sea… or make the operation port independent and shelter independent for good.

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In a near future all human activity and production needs to be 100% closed cycle based - ocean drift cages are just a intermediate solution that buys a couple of decades and allows to get there…

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The big five business fields of ocean colonization: | oceanic transport | oceanic energy | oceanic real estate | deep sea mining | oceanic aquaculture |

The size of those business fields is just outlandish - oceanic aquaculture will have to supply something in the range of 14 billion meals per day (leaving land based agriculture at 7 billion meals per day). That is a market worth to “invest in”.

Tuna collapse demands for pasture management not hunter regulation
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Oceanic fish pod “run it like a space-station” … (ref 879)

The Housing solution is a submarine…instead a surface boat beaten up by the waves…compared to Ben Franklin a higer degree of mobility (for the oceanic housing solution - not the drift cage) is convenient.

Ben Franklin hosted a crew of 4 for a month in a transatlantic drift dive … the hull we built in Cartagena is twice the size of Ben Franklin…(ref 345)

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Offshore Aquaculture investment yield

Base Hypothesis:

• Seasteading is investor driven business development on an evolutionary path
• Seasteading is a “must do” for getting the human project over the next 2 decades (ref.327)
• Investor interest is key - get rid of nonsense talk is good to keep investors interested
• The real important developments are in Atoms not Bytes (Thiel)
• Seasteading is the way of excellence to interference freedom and productivity
• It is important to come to phase 1 investor key conversation (ref 354)

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Offshore aquaculture development can be combined with energy and mining development taking advantage of the mid oceanic ridges…this elevates its investment rating.

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• Oceanic Aquaculture is key to human survival | sustainability |


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