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I requested the opportunity to apply for seed-funding to get started, nothing more. For all intents and purposes it will be private property to be used and developed as I so choose.

Demands by john-e-public on how I intend to build and finance are irrelevant. I have to answer to the board(s) involved, nobody else.


First, this is not a “public forum”. This is TSI property you are on.

Maybe in your neck of the woods. Here, there is the least amount of 'policing". Proof that you are still here.

More civil if the “owners” grew a pair of,…ovaries? What the hell are you smoking??


Who cares???

Disagree as much as you want. The more you disagree the more questions I will ask. This is seasteading here.

We are supposed to be FREE and I’m exercising that right.

Hell yes it is. You are JL. You know it all.

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I disagree with that too.


Actually, this is NOT a checks and balances conversation. This whole effort, on my part, depends on me going deep in hock, to make it happen and asking some reciprocity by way of lower fees than renting space in a boatyard or marina.

I have asked TSI for some assistance in this effort and have a chance, but, it sure seems y’all would rather shoot us all in the left foot, rather than have one person succeed and be able to do more than talk.

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| what needs to be done to make seasteading investment worthy |

A single and insulated comment on :slight_smile: Incubator Site Texas

You guys forge ahead and do that…

…this thread is definitly not for me…

250 posts !! it is just…

(833 silent listener auditorium make a phrase-end choice)

• mind boggling
• fun to read
• a milestone for seasteading
• a boatramp in texas
• a hobo campsite in texas
• a new way to drive the movement
• something investors should be all over
• a new way to make seasteading relevant
• a way to push the TSI credibility over the edge
• amusing to imagine you guys live and work together there in Texas
• too good of an opportunity to make another gun violence beer belly thread out of it
• a upheavel of the people that REALLY are at the heart of the idea
• too much ink on that nonsense
• a wonderful thread congrats to all participants


Intended Incubator Site as Complete Support Base of Operations for the Gulf of Mexico
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Las Higuerillas Tamaulipas, Mexico - No visas, no permits( well maybe a “mayor’s permit”), no regulations, if one does not like floating shipyard then facilities can be made on “deserted islands” within town jurisdiction. Authentic permits available ($15 ea) for outsourcing of labor to migrant Guatemalans (at $4/DAY!) to “Mexican residents”. Concrete and plywood available “locally”(Tampico, Mexico) at lower prices than in USA.

Bring your own electricity and water…maybe “high power” .243 Winchester rifle, a .380 auto handgun, and a couple of 12gauge shotguns(in case cartel smugglers visit en masse). Or just pay the “protection”, women cheaper than Columbia.

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You know i won’t be there.

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That wasn’t directed at you… it was at ellmar’s “beer belly Texan” sarcasm. Sorry. And those are the legal limits on firepower according to Mexican laws. Need a residence (F2 of F3) application for the guns/oversea workers/women bodyguards. Apparently cartel leaves “tourists” alone. So overall, a lot more doable financially than by regulation and costs in Texas(proper). It is only 50 miles south of South Padre Island Texas. Anyone receiving SSI benefits can keep their $800/month on the books legally, no need to stamp your passport as “out of the country”.


Notice: They haven’t been responding to your ads, or buying Nemo Dollars,… Otherwise you wouldn’t be harassing an honest effort.

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(NemoToken™) is the real name of the coin…

God help us if any person in this movement should be stupid enough to name any coin created for support

"Dollar" | Euro | etc..

• understand the context of | fiat currency | babylonian money magic | to understand the joke in this... |

:rofl: long time i did´nt have such a good laugh ! - have a good day.

…may the force be with you…take a empathy hugg… (and sorry 1 post in 250 hardly qualifies as harassing…not planning to say a word more…)

Good Luck

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@JL_Frusha @noboxes (and peer group) … as ususal barking up the wrong tree…

The interesting question: ( to ask by the 833 silent listeners )

Are you guys moles of the deep state, sent to this forum to destroy it, and wreck TSI reputation, to cripple the varyon launch and avoid serious topics to be discussed… (because that is the effect you are creating)

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I had spasms!
Thanks for providing the punchline to a joke premise that was running far too long. Another example of a project manager capitalizing on whatever material is found on hand, or in this case, laid upon our doorstep


That’s funny. I could say the same about some Austrian ExPat in South America that has been known to spam the forum and to deny peer-reviewed data as valid science and cried for public opinion after claiming you wanted a Scientific Debate…

Then there’s belittling plans for and actual planned incubator site…

or calling 1/4 acre of ramp for up to 48 ft wide vessels merely…

(…, but everyone knows EVERYTHING is Bigger and Better in Texas, so… Boat Ramp, TEXAS STYLE it is…)

… but you sum-up your own drivel as


When you attempt your startup, do please announce it… I’ll have to buy pop-corn…

I’m still waiting for evidence of that diploma of the renowned Naval Architect…

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Apparently, relaxed associations with drug abusers, discriminating against imbecile monohull designs,seeking to take advantage of economic discrepancies(slave labor), working “around” environazis and taking a proactive stance against taxes, permit,fees and making plain the utter uselessness of government, and particularly its “workers” are acceptable here. Race and religion have never been issues of mine so I luck out there, but apparently distinguishing and discriminating differences in sex (and probably sex “orientation”) are outlawed here at as my proposition of hiring female Guatemalan body guards based on “price” has been deleted.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I imagine if I were to “run for office” I would attempt to skewer results by subsidizing 10% off at dollar generals, family dollars and 99cent stores nationwide with an additional 5% off for each store (anywhere) visited. Buy one get five free movie tickets(when accompanied by same sex date and proof of redemption of any free BLT sandwich & fruit smoothie nationwide(previous dealings will have been made to get the majority of screen writers guild nominated movies showing in “prime time”- double headers in new york -. Raffle tickets to a drawing (must be present(at poll closing time) to win) of “thousands!” of free lottery tickets would be given to the parents of children who “won” anything all day long - no limit of “free” raffle tickets, In every city (or metropolis) across America with a population of 250,000 or more. Between 3:00 and poll closing, stakes are multiplied by how many “different” (voting age) parents/step parents/relatives/babysitters are “sponsoring” you. Is this outrageous? Is this offensive? I don’t see it. Our last election was rigged the same or worse. Has Trump built his “wall”? No - he needs the votes for 2020. Has he played “hardball” in negotiations with foreign economies? No USA foreign debt at all time high. Has he cut “red tape” for “entreprenuers” and American businesses? except for new oil drilling a big fat no - he let a huge slap to truckers pass - mandatory ELD (the real reason of trucking regulation is it is pushed hand over fist by the IRS for want of evidence - the same with any business “regulated” by the federal government). Has he “cut taxes”? no- was never going to, he is a “keynesian”:face_with_raised_eyebrow: -
2024 will set in a new age of totalitarian elite force feeding a single party “state socialism” where we may actually be assigned political Apparatchik(American equivalent-any Masters degree graduate who works for “salary” in federal or state government or any corporation that pays employees “wages”) because there is nothing better left for them to serve the elite, brainwashing is finished (2/3 override against reason), only need to “consolidate”. By 2042/43 would be my best estimate there.:sleepy:

TSI is being laughable to me that they would enforce a discrimination against free speech based on “gratuitious offense”. Especially in light of numerous conversation aimed at supporting “competing forms of government” By the time ANY of get out onto seasteads, I have OUR “platform” set out in advance…turn back the clock, paleo, whatever. It includes the popular perception of cavemen choosing their mates by …well research the Island culture of YAP (Federated STATES of Micronesia). YAP has their own distinct independent state “marriage rituals”. If you read something “offensive” do I still get censored/sanctioned for having knowledge of possible offensive material?? burning of books, now?:thinking:

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I must pull out of cooperating with anyone to build a seastead support base. Not really going to try justifying my concerns. Shit happens to me, it’s all my fault, you don’t need it.

**_Texas Based Incubator Site Sign-Up_**

I disagree, the discussion is one thing, signing up another, but if I do not post to it, it gets lost.