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Let’s have that on the record so we don’t have to be reminded each time

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Ok, how do you want that to happen?


Hope you NEVER have to make that climb out of a pit, like I did, with a body and even a voice that do not obey what you tell it to, through a cloud.

When the you inside tells your daughter you love her, and the words that come out are pure spiteful criticisms, because that cloud reinterprets everything.

But, you know, I DID scratch my way out. I am not in some hospital drooling on thorazine.


My comment was not “off topic” since I was commenting on an already “off topic” post, the tires sandals video :wink:

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Here are two really off topic songs for entertainment. - first one is to help inspire seasteading, or maybe not…Would as many people want to go camp out in Cay Sal if they could get there in 3-4 hours for 4 gallons of fuel in just about any condition? Not any of the four or five “open class” racing bangkas but any of the other ones- especially from 4:20-6:40.

Second one is for when your out one late afternoon the day before Christmas on you’re on 160 acres of floating seaweed somewhere in the North Pacific, 250 miles from California. As everyone else left for the holidays,you are alone. After sensing the swells pick up significantly over the last few hours, the breeze freshens and the far off dark clouds.have expanded to block the sunset. Lightning flickers behind them and you start to hear breaking waves 200 yard away. Its time to get off jostling tires and head into the cabin, maybe listen to some cheerful relaxing music…

…or not. Just turn it up louder and louder - it goes well with howling winds and earthquake like breaking waves. as long as you aren’t faint hearted.



“Grand plan”?? What’s a fricking “grand plan”??

What is planned for?? “Less” than unlimited budget?? Judging by the size and scope of your project it looks it’s planned for “unlimited”,… Where are you gonna get the funds to develop that property after you buy it??

Intended Incubator Site as Complete Support Base of Operations for the Gulf of Mexico

Scroll up, read and look… It really IS that easy…


Easy my ass, JL… On the paper it’s all easy.


I never, EVER said it was going to be easy. I’m willing to commit to a 30 year mortgage and doing as much of the labor as possible, myself, for the eventual chance to build my vessel AND have a place for others to be able to come and do so.

That includes running a tractor, a backhoe and a bulldozer, as well as potential crane operations. Not to mention property management, Federal Permits, community liaison and other aspects.

Just because it sounds easy, does not mean that it will be. Anything worth having, doesn’t come easy. If it comes easy, it won’t last and won’t be worth having.


Your’re welcome. Or, you wanted coated in sugar?? You scroll up dude,… You are describing a multi million $ development operation here.



Context means everything

"Development",… not an overnight buy and install, like that plug-n-play router you’re using…


Speak if you are spoken to. Otherwise, refrain.


Take it elsewhere. This isn’t the space for being a butthead.

@Elwar and @thebastidge shouldn’t have to wipe up your messes.

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Do they? I missed that. I did not miss where one of them called me an asshole.


You take it elsewhere butthead! Your are not in a position here to tell me where to take it. I take it wherever I want. I can present my opinion here irrespective of yours.


Which part of “refrain” was hard to get?


The property owners look forward to the possibility of the sale of land they no longer have a use for, and the possibility of reciprocal business for their boat/RV storage facility, next door.

The whole shebang has to be approved by at least 2 Boards, plus the land purchase has to be approved by a third Board…

I’ve already established my level of commitment, first to the establishment of the Incubator Site, then to the development of my offshore aspirations, as well.

@Octavian Your approval is not necessary and serves no purpose, since you have no intention of availing yourself of the property, if/when it is available, anyway.

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This is such a wonderful way to manage a public forum. The good ole boys police each other, and spew the garbage too. Maybe if the owners broke the rule and grew a pair (of ovaries) the discourse in here would be more civil, and may even be more relevant.


Who cares???

This is a “check and balances” conversation. You are presenting an “investment opportunity” here and I am asking few questions.

Do you have an answer?

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I disagree. This is a ground floor development opportunity, but not an investment for anyone but JL.