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And here is where your post goes when you go off topic. If I don’t delete it.


About time…

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If all else fails you can open a shoe business.

Pacific Ring Weave

LOL. No tire shoes, no seasteading.


Jeff Frusha

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Step 1: Gather the tires
Step 2: Weave the tires
Step 3: …
Step 4: Seastead!


LOL, Voila!!!

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Voila! And Presto !!!

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Well I haven’t designed a “seastead”. But if I was going to build one I would use the above qualities especially 3,4 & 6 to get as many undocumented large vessels in the water quick and start recruiting unemployed watchdogs to “fish” on them. If in California, I’d make sure everyone had lighting and freshwater and knew how to dry fish and seaweeds. At same time with all this free “help”, intensify the collecting of recycling fees, invest even in used cars with good engines/transmission and rear wheel drive, care less about body damage, and set them all up with long low trailers 9900lbs GVWR and find a chain linked fenced dirt lot for lease or a couple of them. Goal- divert 1/2 million tires/month directly out to “sea” ASAP before any new laws or competitors appeared. Have them, like I mentioned elsewhere, strapped together with as much polyester strap it took (also a commonly dumped industrial product or easily diverted at low cost), and the “wrap” them in plastic, classify them as boat building supplies. Since no numnut has thought it a good idea to regulate the “anchor chain” or “gangplank” industry yet they can be assembled on commercicial fishing vessels out of “boat building” materials. Since none of the residents have commercial licenses they can all catch their individual sport fishing limits of mussels by “waiting for them to appear” on assorted mats woven from the treads and anchor chains made from the sidewalls. Also when nobody is watching from the satellites they make “gangplanks” out of more tires to connect the “yachts” so they can have social gatherings. Money flows,“seastead” grows and at an opportune time I donate any,and especially ALL RECORDED interests to spark’s NON PROFIT MOBILE SEASTEAD THINK TANK and install my ex-wife on the BOARD. After that I retire to Gulf of Mexico somewhere and teach these oil rig tuna fishermen how to save in fuel bills, and some basics in physics concerning the absolute uselessness of a fishing pole and reel (other than developing a bad back). I would (legally) smuggle my Filipino friends through Costa Rica into Tamulipas. There is our “port” to enter and win maybe 30-50% of the next 50 years of guaranteed prize sportfishing tournaments until the USA boat industry learns to make anything but planing bathtubs.


And the name of this sci-fi movie should be “Dude, where’s my seastead”?

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All sounds good, especially: “money flows”

Of course; has to be careful not to be kidnapped for a ransom or for organ harvest.

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Well, that is a different chapter, but if you’re referring to its “sinking” …cant happen, pieces maybe, but accidents happen everywhere. Probably there is some extremely vile(cheap), toxic(produced easily), suspected carcinogen that has been documented to cause ADHD in juvenile Africanized bees that can be applied to the tires to make it foam up like a runaway batch of epoxy, and create a closed cell foam. I’ll start looking for it.

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hello, hello. hello and twenty more characters

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I have no idea. but I don’t think so. wiki says wax worms are terrestrial and used as freshwater bait.

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post will be deleted or whatever

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I have no intentions of going to Texas.


I hope some day you do decide to come and at least visit.

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So, now you’re going to spam the forum for Wil?

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Are you seriously trying to argue with negative spam like if you were writing a political ad? But since you brought it up…here is my take on the article you posted concerning your reservations of utilizing used tires.

Right of the bat this dweeb is supporting “state and county efforts”. Really? In nine years I could have personally removed an average of 50 to 60 tires a day working 3 hours/week part time free diving, using a $99 electric wench from harbor freight. Three real professionals with a couple of sea scooters, a half dozen pony bottles and 200 ton purse seiner could have been finished in a week or so (130,000 tires). Another 1.8 million is expected to make a big “push”…( What we’re doing is removing the tires that are the biggest threat to the reef, which are the most mobile ones," he said. "There’s still plenty out there, stacked two or three or four on top of each other and very loose. - This is a description of the “work” from an interview).

In the authors own words - “the project resulted in a barren undersea tire dump, stretching over 35 acres.” That statement taken along with his posted picture of at least 20 large fish in plain site despite the ugly monochrome filter used,to make everything look dreary, proves this imbecile knows nothing and is just trying to make a living selling prison food to mindless inmates.

”. Any “exposed tire” stretched between yachts and buoys, or dangling in the depths from the same are going to be covered in “growth” faster than one can blink


posted by JL: Didn’t work… (NO! It does work. edited by CSP) 2
Push is on to remove thousands of tires from ocean floor in Fort Lauderdale

Years of work has reduced the undersea tire dump off Fort Lauderdale, but years of work remains. 2
Florida’s ‘Tire Reef’ Has Turned Into an Environmental Disaster

It was once believed to be a life-saver for the environment, but now, everyone just wants it to go away. Perceived as a win-win way to get rid of the tires filling Florida landfills by putting them to use as an artificial reef off the coast of Fort…end of JL’s post.

How you are putting 2 and 2 together and not only aren’t coming up with 4 but not even an number, instead a “Didn’t work” ??? How is it that relevant? I told you(everybody) the tires have permanent positive flotation, those that don’t are secured to other positive flotation. While you are into deciphering “declared intentions” out of the blue, would you care to enlighten this audience of approx 3 to 4 viewers why you find it worth your time to post irrelevant tidbits here?

Why don’t you stick to you own thread with your antics? I left yours alone. Go find a thread where your mistaken beliefs about “tire sumps” is accepted as gospel. This is about ringweaves, which can be made floating or suspended by flotation.