Oceanus getting their stuff together?

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There is no other way around it.
Some people see value in , excuse me, but fucking around withnother people.
The games people play.
Violent people understand violance.
Violent people give away what they are affraid of.
I hope to avoid violance.


Might try remembering that people DO have very different lives and experiences, even across town, much less around the globe. Different people are more aware of, or sensitive to, some things. There’s no reason to be rude. As we keep trying to remind ourselves, this IS a public forum and, regardless of personality conflicts, it is one of the few places that anyone is actually discussing, and in Kathy’s case, actually building a floating home, in search of independence, privacy, security, freedom and all sorts of things.

Personally, I have my reasons for wanting my space and plan to be able to defend it. I’ve lived in places and situations where people disappear and nobody questions what happened. I’d rather not have that happen again, but, I keep the M1911 by the bed for a reason, and I’ve felt the need, occasionally, to carry it around on the property, when the landlord had stuck various people into the trailer at the front of the property. His stuff has been swiped by crack-heads and crack-dealers, all of whom he turned loose with it, without me having any recourse.


The only idiot that needs to keep its mouth shut is you, specially when you can’t grasp the notion of humor.


Please explain to me the basis of humor in his statement.


Funny part is, he assumes that his looks, charm, conversation, money, or wine would be enticement enough for him to even begin the whole ‘discussion’…


the woman has no clue he’s trying to get into her pants. He finds it funny he can put one over on her, and then claim innocence because she came over to his boat.

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I’m not sure what Google comes up with, but duckduckgo came up with:



I thought Jonas implied his reviews were bad. I don’t see much of anything, looks like typical “i have nothing to say so here it is” info.

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