Oceanus getting their stuff together?

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I’ve opined on how silly I think the idea of basing any kind of economic project on recycling material from the Pacific Gyre is. It goes a great deal towards credibility in my mind whenever someone appears to be basing a plan upon it.

But these folks say they have acquired an island and several ships to start building their dreams of ocean colonization upon. That’s fairly impressive.

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Nah, they are just working in some agreement with the youth camp that owns the island. They also say “Reduce ocean acidification and rehabilitate ecosystem for marine life”, and i wonder if they mean someone dropped a Tums overboard once or what? Reducing the ocean acidification even a tenth of a pH point will possibly take more antacid than the world has available, and they’ll need a large mixer.

That’s not the same ship TSI had, is it?

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No,this was the SEASTEADER I:


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“you have found your tribe.”

There are some ladies in that picture that I definately wouldn’t mind having in-depth private discussions with regarding ocean sovereignty…over a nice bottle of wine of course.

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Acquisition can be purchase, lease, or agreement. Point is, they have a place available to them to experiment. And they’re soliciting others of like mind to come experiment with them. That is more than TSI has done.

Goals, not claimed accomplishments.


Would you claim something that planet-wide as a goal? I sure wouldn’t. Even if i had truckloads per day of free powdered antacid to put into my MW otec plant outflow, i wouldn’t.

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Nope. I would not. Doesn’t stop people from doing so every day. Doesn’t stop the UN from doing it, or the EU, or anybody else who has grandiose notions of their own heroism and the dire state of the universe.

But on the other hand, the world is full of people who have made huge impacts one way or the other.

I really don’t care if they try to stop global sky falling. If they do SOMETHING useful along the way.


Talking about self-delusion,…


I do respect and appreciate their goal to clean up the GPGP, but that will take $ billions.

Unfortunately and regrettably, it will never get done,…

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I’d love to see some technical specs on these “hexapods” of theirs, and some information on their overall plan. Do they intend to harvest plastic from the patch, ship it back to their island, then melt it down and use it to 3D print their hexapods?

Unfortunately all I see are a lot of stock photos and a nice prominent “donate” button. Ah well.

BTW I did a Google search of the CEO, Sean Ironstag. Helpful hint to the community: do not Google Sean Ironstag…

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Fantasy, my dear sir. Just fantasy…

It is delusional to think any of them are really interested in discussing true sovereignty on the high seas…


I am going to insist, on my seastead, that i won’t be needing to carry a gun every time i open my front door like i do where i live now. But because of comments like Jonas’s, it’s still going to seem very unfriendly and dangerous to some people.

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Whoa! I am a perfect gentleman, thank you very much! :relaxed: What’s wrong with inviting a lady out for a nice glass of wine and discussion about politics and customary maritime law? That’s certainly nothing I should get shot over! :fearful:


There’s nothing wrong with a glass of wine and talk. Sometimes, with some people, this social event also involves roofies. I understand my being armed is not going to help me in those conditions. But i do Ai programming, and hardware design and construction. There’s any number of things that could also happen, should the situation on the seastead become unusual, even if i am out cold, or not there. This forum has had discussions of protection before, i don’t think i have overstepped any bounds. And i didn’t mean you specifically were any sort of target, but there are other sorts of people. As seemingly the only woman on this forum, i felt i had to say something.

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Keep the gun. And twenty more characters


Yosemite Sam, Marvin the Martian, Buck Rogers, The Lone Ranger,… Not sure I can come up with 20 characters that would be armed and helpful… :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, please shut the hell up,…“But because of comments like Jonas’s”???

[quote=“KatOnTri, post:13, topic:1176”]
it’s still going to seem very unfriendly and dangerous to some people.
[/quote]Are you for real???

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Geronimo, Sitting Bull, Casper in Caspers last stand., Davie Cricket, Oliver Cromwell…


Yes, i am. When a neighbor can sic rottwilers on anyone they want to, and that’s ok with the DA’s office, yea, i am carrying a gun. When teens spray paint obscenities on people’s property up and down the street, yep. When i find lug nuts missing/loose on one tire on the car one morning, yep.

There’s been a handfull of people killed out here over dog attacks and barking. I want no part of it. Self protection has been discussed on TSI forum before, how can you look astonished?

He saw a pic of people making a seastead, using real ships and other boats, and his mind went to sex. Have you ever been targetted by a rapist, octavian? If not, please keep your idiot mouth shut.

And can we get back on topic before someone draws one of those lines again?