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(Wilfried Ellmer) #1
  • Do we need kings?

  • Can people govern themselves?

  • What rights do we all have?

  • Can science and understanding uplift all of humanity?

1700-1900: Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution

This topic lays the foundation for our modern thinking about the world. From democratic revolutions to the establishment of empires backed by industrial power.

What common ground does the seasteading movement share with the “Historic movement of Enlightenment” ?

  • start as a “cultural movement of intellectuals”.
  • emphasizing reason and individualism.
  • break traditon, scolastics, ruleworks challenges to the dogma and authority.
  • new ideas about government culture, politics.
  • emphasis on Science and technology.
  • triggering of a new industrial revolution.
  • introducing of new perspectives.
  • driven and enabled by information technology (printing press then – internet now).
  • driven by frontier development (america then – ocean now).
  • quest for freedom.
  • quest for space (intelectual and physical)

…. and the list goes on and on…

Do we need banks and state controlled fiat currencies (paypal bitcoin), do we need governments to interfere in our lifes to the extent as they do, do we need states controlling economic activities, is a much broader and direct internet democracy feasible?, what happend with the UN guaranteed right to “no interference” what happend to out privacy rights, why do we NOT have all the technical progress expected to be in place for the 21st century - is redtaping and interference the reason? Where would medic science be if FDA would not interfere as it does. Where would spaceflight be if not run by government agencies. Do we need new frontiers that allow progress outside of “redtaping hell” ? Ist the quest for a “new land of the free” iminent. Can ocean colonization provide a model for space colonies?

The comming digital anarchy Blockchain

Exploring the business of oceanic freedom subdue to nobody

Basic questions of Enlightenment - back on the table again in new forms…

Humanity growing out of its childhood pants

The idea of the grounded state falling apart

“Politics is about interfering with other people’s lives without their consent.” – Peter Thiel

“It is up to those in charge to empower …, not rule …” – Richard Branson

“When you start a company, true freedom is at the beginning of things” – Peter Thiel…

…Thiel identifies three possible spaces in which to find that freedom: cyberspace, outer space and the seas…

Once you start to ignore tried & tested ways of doing things, innovation will flow - Richard Branson

The human future is oceanic…

Things that are upcomming:

Things are going to be much more “base democratic”, “less authoritarian”, much more “opt in/out” and less “obligation”, much more “multinational” and “multicultural” less “national” and “territorial” much less “tax” and more “voluntary contribution” much more “voluntary social agreement” than “legal obligation”. Much more “cooperation cluster” than “power structure”…

…ism things” speak, capitalism, communism, autoritarism, are trending to the “trash basket” of history. Their “base reason of existance” the “scale problem of human interaction” and the split “WE against THEM” is quickly eroded by modern technology allowing universal, frontierless, and uncontrolable communication. This leads to cooperation networks transcending frontiers and divisions of all kind .

Let’s hope all this happens fast enough to allow rocket fast technological progress and the end of all divisions in the human project to allow for sustainability


On a 7 billion habitant planet with weapons of mass destruction at hand for everybody, division, hatry, and processes that lead to those things, has become a luxury that is no longer affordable and threatens survival of all of us. Only the wise and efficient use of ALL resources (including the oceans) in a way consiented by all humans can make survival possible.

Controversal issues need to be solved by vote instead of fight. This makes the issue of "direct vote without manipulation of politics" a key issue for peacekeeping and progress…

Humanity growing out of its childhood pants of political division… - read more here:


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(Wilfried Ellmer) #2

Futurists with a cientific approach are thinking in 3 steps of civilization in the cosmos:

Step 1, a civilisation that handles all the energy sources of its planet. (solar, oceanic, wind water, fossil, all of them)

Step 2, a civilisation that handles all the energy of its sun (Dyson Sphere)

Step 3, a civilisation that handles all the energy of a Galaxy.

We are on our way to come from cero to step one and become a real global civilisation …we have made big progress to become a 1 in the last 40 years of explosive technological development.

We got thousand times more development in the last 40 years than in the 400.000 years before that. Our grandfathers were still firmly routed in a “basic farmer culture working the fields and domesticated animals - " a technolgy invented in Babilonia” . All what goes beyond the Horse in technology (airplanes, moon landing, cell phones, computers, internet, globalization,) was invented in just 2 generations.

(Jonas Smith) #3

We would be were we used to be…soothing our babies with morphine syrup and other Snake Oils

While I will completely agree that the FDA is a bloated organization and can be corrupted by politics at times, it has done a tremendous job of protecting citizens and generally improving health across the board.

My guess is that low Earth orbit would probably be as polluted and strewn with garbage as the oceans and lands are…

Again, I completely agree that these large organizations need to be reformed and that excessive regulation can be a problem, but NASA did a lot to move the exploration of space forward and it did it not for profit but to further the knowledge and common good of all humanity.

(Bob LLewellyn) #4

OK, I’ll be the Libertarian answer-man, I guess. Who did we trust before the government started regulating? Yes, cocaine was the main ingredient in Coca Cola but that was the extent of the technology back then. No one knew better, not even the government. So who would make sure things are safe without the government?


(Jonas Smith) #5

It was in there because they didn’t even try to remove it, because Coca-Cola was marketed as a patent medicine. They didn’t actively try to limit the amounts until after cocaine was made illegal in the early 1900s. But you are correct in that the technology available limited how much they could remove from the coca-leaf extract.

Just a certification and validation company, with no teeth to ensure anyone follows their standards. In fact, it is OSHA (a governmental organization) that ensures corporations adhere to UL standards for safety.

Without enforcement it doesn’t really mean anything.

(Wilfried Ellmer) #6


Will we fall in caos if stepping out of the Nanny State and its tight and complete oversight - maybe. At least it looks like politics has convinced a lot of citicens that it will be so.

But how do we know that this is not a parallel to the Maya state where the citizens where convinced by the rulers, that “if the blood spilling rituals will stop the sun would not rise anymore”.

Fact is we will never know if we don’t try…

This is what seasteading is all about try fast, fail cheap, try again…find out…take nothing for granted…do not assume…take a cientific approach…take an entrepeneur approach…you like it or not things that are holding our current nanny state together are falling apart quickly……people now have technology at hand that allows to step out of enforcement of any kind…to opt in and opt out - and this is just the beginning…and the wind of change is comming fast…a healty dose of “unsafe experimentation” is comming…

(Bob LLewellyn) #7

“Without enforcement it doesn’t really mean anything.”

Government is the best entity in the world to close the door after the horses got out. Politicians always check to see if their stance is popular, this takes time. They need to check the testing info, they need to get it on the agenda then get everyone to vote for something that has already happened in the real world.

With the amount of information available today on the internet, you really can let the market handle the problems. Would you give your children some unknown substance? But we trust the government agencies so we can believe the commercials and don’t do any reasonable due diligence of our own.

People have gotten sloppy and lazy depending on a glass crutch. Read that article again, the government doesn’t test anything, they contract out to private businesses. The government is just the middleman. Once a problem has been identified, the company pulls its bad product off line as they don’t want a tort case. Bad for business.

Business is the motivating factor here, not government coercion. They both work but government is a whole lot more expensive.


(Jonas Smith) #8

You can’t toss all “government” into the same pot. Yes, representative democracy sucks. Representatives are more worried about raising money and getting elected than making actual progress. But just because certain forms of government don’t work doesn’t mean all government is the boogyman, and I believe in this modern era you can craft a system that is fair and just.

Like we let it handle mortgage-backed securities? Or tobacco? Or pharmaceuticals? The market doesn’t care about my children and the substances they take, or what it’s unbridled materialism is doing to the environment. It cares about revenue and profit.

And that would be fine if people were rational. But they aren’t, and there is plenty of research to show that. That’s why childhood obesity is such a devastating problem in the first world. You would expect the invisible hand of the market to move people away from purchasing the products that they know are killing them and their children, and towards products that are good for them, thus rewarding good corporations and hurting bad ones. But they keep on slugging down their Dorito-infused soda and stuffing their faces with Dorito-infused meat wrapped in Doritos.

No, it is the enforcer, because…

Or, you know, it keeps quiet and even sometimes continues to sell the bad product until sued in federal court or fined by government agencies…




(Wilfried Ellmer) #9

The whole idea that one human should “govern”, “rule”, “subdue”, “enforce”, “tax”, upon a other human being - has something intrinsicly wrong in it. In the same way as the idea that one human should “own” another human in the sense of “slavery”.

In roman times people would have told us that society as we know it will fall apart if we dare to abolish slavery. Turned out it will not.

So how do we know that “govern”, “rule”, “subdue”, “enforce”, “tax” is not just another “institutional injustice” that migh well transcend to something better like “voluntary cooperation”

Like it or not new technology will test this concept to the bones because (some) people already have access to “step out of government technology” .

And the the next wave is comming in rocket fast…

(Wilfried Ellmer) #10

Things that will fall apart new things that are upcomming.

(Wilfried Ellmer) #11

Hypothesis: MARINEA will be the first piece of a wider movement of ocean colonization and transhumanism infrastructure…

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