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Hypothesis: There is no way for humanity to survive the next 3 decades when doing business as usual - Seasteading is a massive solution - the only one.

Hypothesis: Seasteading will develop in many ways, colors, and tastes, along multiple business axes - as a movement we should not enter into “versus discussion” it is not a “either or” it is a “all of it”.

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The “codes for certifying seasteads” will come up 15 years after the first seasteads are on the water and there is an “experience base to write codes” about it and there are “engineering schools” to teach it. This is how engineering works.

Unfortunatly things that are new are always “outside code” they have to be - it is in the nature of things - and it is ok - this is how our world works. | there can be no certifiyer for it, because nobody can have a school degree of doing it, because it is new. It is like asking for putting corners on a circle - only a umpa lumpa would ask for it in first place…

If it can be “certified” it can not be new - if it is not new there is no point in doing it (ref.895) - because it does not create a new waypoint on the evolutionary line of seasteading. It is only a repeate of the old ways. Little interesting for investors who look for “disruptive investments” with potential to be big in a future.

Seasteading is about “solving the technology bottleneck of seasteading” - about doing something “outside the box” not about “getting endorsement of somebody else” for it.

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• Seasteading will have to develop its own codes its own engineering school etc… | 321 |

• It is a concept error to ask for endorsement of plans upfront.

• The only endorsement we will ask for is a

extreme safety certificate” .

Saying something like: …

• Althogh built in technology we do not have codes for we consider it extremly safe due to the unsinkable honeycomb light structure.

• Even if it would be broken in pieces by the ocean it will not sink but allow people to survive on the pieces that convert into comfortable life rafts still exceeding the specs for suvival pods.

• Due to its unsinkable nature it is by far safer than any certified ship exceeding all safety specs in marine engineering used today.

The point is you can still get an “extreme safety certificate” without running the building plans trough ABS | GL | Lloyds | certification processes.

You do not go for “certification of the plan” you ask for a safety evaluation AFTER you built it that is different.

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Yes, you go for certification. You have to meet the boating safety regulations of whatever flag you’re flying. That means annual inspections, fire extinguishers, floatation devices, etc., etc.

Anything less gets you forcibly shut down and beached.

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