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The fact that you post commercial crap from Elmo’s Ass. on every thread proves that your “Cafe” argument is simply just another element of Elmo’s Ass. crap, @ellmer.

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Hmm…what about cafe only does this guy not understand ??? Hypothesis ? Obsessive disorder treatment ? - anybody ?


What part of ‘Open Forum’ don’t YOU understand?

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Open forum means that you can OPEN your own thread on this forum…not hijack mine…all this was treated before pls read it up. Don´t bore the forum with your obsessions, don´t derail the Oceanic Real Estate | Global networking hubs - thread - back on topic. | off topics and animosity in the Cafe the dedicated thread for this ONLY.

context: Re-write the real estate paradigm

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Picture the Ramform | get invested | get started | oceanic business alliance
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Galt's Gulch is on the oceans | oceanic business alliance
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What we have here is rather a “polite butt out request” than an “engagement” - to have a debate you need to say something intelligent and on topic - you have not done that yet.

If you are able and plan to finally say something intelligent (but still off topic) - i gladly take it in the “cafe” as i did in an earlier occasion ( on september 16 ) here

Back to topic now…
Oceanic Real estate | global networking hubs | Extraterritorialized | oceanic business

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Breakaway Civilization | Seasteading | Ocean Colonization | Advanced Oceanic Cities | Atlantis | Enlightenment | Oceanic Business Alliance | next big thing in business
Are the Ramform and Lens style Sketchup plans available?

1)Building lots on the water costs nothing

Cheapest floating workspace I could find

Work Float Dock
All AccuDock floating work platforms have a non-skid UV resistant surface and are manufactured using expanded EPS foam encased in HDPE flat sheets providing a safe, comfortable and stable work surface. AccuDock work floats are perfect for a variety of residential and commercial uses such as repairing, cleaning or painting a boat.

  1. Interference of building codes is much less

THAT will be WHOLLY up to the government whose waters you build in.

3)Interference of all kind of interferers is much less

If you’re far enough out not to be seen, your transit costs will be exorbitant.

4)Construction is about moving heavy things around which is much easier on the water

Only if it is floating, and even then, mass has to be accounted for

5)You can sell a floating house worldwide so produce much beyond the local market

Only if it meets those applicable codes at the desired destination and the transportation cost is reasonable

6)The economy of scale is much easier on the water

The why is the TSI concrete barge roughly $660 per square foot, when a luxury home in the US base-cost to build is ~$100/sq ft?

7)Cement is not comming from a land based plant that locks the local market into a monopoly - it comes in ship from China or elswhere globally.

Which came from a land-based supplier, had to be shipped and picked up in a land based port, delivered to a land based port, picked up and delivered to your building location, which must be a floating something-or-other, in order to actually keep it on hand and make use of it. You can pour ready mix into the ocean all day and not make concrete

8)The access road to the development needs not to be built, unimited access for container load sized items, and heavy cranes, is there already.

Only if you already bought it, installed it on a floating something after loading it from a land based port, and moved it to sea, to use.

Your own line of reasoning isn’t well thought out. You need a floating facility, transportation to and from a land based port, energy, workers, food, sanitation, and handling equipment before you can even begin to utilize a floating work workspace that also has to be bought/built and floated out to location

Back on topic, and end of subject.


As long as you post your commercial crap from Elmo’s Ass., @ellmer

… it is appropriate for others to RESPOND.

YOU are neither polite nor engaging.

You are merely repeatedly spamming the TSI comment threads with commercials that lead unsuspecting readers to your phony Elmo’s Ass. “investment” schemes.

When you post that crap, @Elmo

… then others will RESPOND by pointing out the truth behind that flood of commercial spam.

Count on it.


Even the Admin stated that you post your Elmo’s Ass. commercials repeatedly.

It’s just history, @Elmo.


If @ellmer’s repetitive posting of Elmo’s Ass. commercials in comment threads warrants suspensions …

… then @Elmo’s same behavior warrants complaints from other members in those same comment threads.


Let’s consider it your way…

Go buy your tools and supplies, hell, even go dumpster diving and collect them for free…
Drag it to the middle of a pool, and build a floating deck, while standing in, say, waist-deep water…

Do all your cutting, nailing, etc., while standing in the water.

Hell, it’s easier to move heavy objects in the water, float your generator and compressor out on inner-tubes, fire them up and just do it…

Even just collect empty plastic bottles, drag them out there, even already bagged, climb on top of them and do it that way. I mean, you ARE a big fan and proponent of Sowa and his Spiral Island…

But it’s a ‘free’ work space, and oh so EASY…


Now, just maybe, you’ve got a better taste of what your constant ridicule has been like, to deal with.

Your bogus claims as to what exists, when it has nothing to do with what you claim, such as the floating-out of hollow structures (that are actually designed to be gravity-bases), like you claimed for Troll-A, as supposedly intended to be a permanent floating structure; floating malls that aren’t and do not exist; 4 inches of concrete-shell that is supposed to be the bottom of a 300 meter diameter concrete sphere, despite the fact that there is no way to adequately join addition concrete to existing concrete, to make a homogenous shell, or that that 4 inches of concrete cannot withstand the pressures of being at the bottom of such a structure. Not even on LAND can a pre/post-tensioned 4 inch concrete slab support a 300 meter structure, not even the lightest antenna tower.

I asked for a truce and you immediately made demands, rather than call a truce. Is it any wonder you have ‘found’ such aggressive opposition?

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In the context of Oceanic Real Estate | global networking hubs - which is the topic of this thread - also check on the real estate paradigma and how things change with the introduction of floating urban infrastructure.

context : cost of floating real estate pricepoints found out in pilot projects


Needs working solutions to prevent pollution and toxification of the surrounding waters, such as that experienced in Asia…



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The signifficance of Tankas | Uros | and other floating communities for seasteading

Transition capacity
• Solving the technology bottleneck
• Venice marine hub approach
• Make it trough phase 1 investor talk
• Making a point | repeating a pointless slum style floating settlement


All the while, you shamelessly promote yourself, without showing reality, or solutions to the problems. You promptly ignored the greener outhouse solution, producing biogas, and vegetative growth, to eliminate the pollution.

If you can’t solve the basic problems of food, water, waste treatment, and energy supply, in an economical, ecologically sound manner, then all you are doing is promoting the same problems that have replicated themselves across the planet, for thousands of years.

You ragged on me for ‘poo-ponics’, though it is proven by NASA and other programs for space expansion. You ragged on me for standing up against your misuse of Ramform®, you ragged on me over scientific debate, then cried for opinions, when I used documentation to prove my points.

YES, it is POINTLESS to promote a slum-lifestyle, yet regularly, people in here promote seasteading as a means of handling homelessness, refugee issues, and urbanization. Moving to the ocean, to create new suburbs DOES NOT solve these problems. Just moves it from one ‘backyard’, into a place where they have no recourse, and even fewer resources.

All your pretty pictures, and false representations glamorizing and glossing over the facts, misguiding the dreamers with bad engineering, does NOT get anything done about the very REAL problems Seasteading faces. If You would put in half as much effort at SOLVING the REAL problems, as you do in shameless self-promotion, you MIGHT get some REAL interest. Instead, you promote building at sea, without accounting for the problems to be solved to even build at sea, and not even taking a systems approach to solving the problems faced building and living at sea.

There IS NO technology bottleneck. I’ve shown numerous ways to do it, and backed all of it with documentation. What there IS is a fundamental lack of funding, which giving YOU money does not solve for anyone but YOU.

Venice is a sinking city, built on pilings

You mean where posting a completely well designed and documented potential venture that is supposed to be viewable by your non-existent ‘investors’ gets past your incessant argumentative oversight, on your sites, where these non-existent investors are supposed to be viewing the proposals, all so you can demand funds to ‘introduce’ the non-existing ‘investors’ to what they are already supposed to see?

FIX your OWN ‘paradigm’ and just MAYBE you will get a better response.

Hell, now you’re trying to sell real estate, to get commissions, to put into your own pocket… Buy Cartagena, Buy Caribbea, Buy Belize… Jeez, buy land that goes for millions of dollars, instead of BUILDING a seastead? wth is wrong with THAT picture…?

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Hypothesis: Vermicomposting, and floating out a stable to remote locations is not really in the center what the seasteading movement is about, neither is it about repeating the failed experiments of Tanka, Moken, Uros, Richi Sowa, Floating Neutrinos, etc…

Sesteading is about unleash potential in politics, economics, real estate, construction technology, and science.

• At the end everybody gets his way on his island - even the vermicomposting salad pooper - but it is still not the center topic.

footnote:@frusha | May i politley ask you to open your own thread and leave mine…

The Oceanic Real Estate | Global Networking Hubs - thread is not for the kind of talk you are pretending…

i take you in the cafe where “personal animosity” and “sea lilly pooping” is a welcome topic… if you insist…

Ps: please do not respond … just read up… alleged frusha butt in right


Open forum You want to post in a forum where I don’t comment on forum posts, open threads in forums I am not in. It’s REALLY that simple.


A Source of Recycling

Growing crops in space or on another planet could provide other benefits besides food. Plants could serve to provide oxygen and remove carbon dioxide from air sources.

While plants grow, they generate oxygen through photosynthesis, and they would scrub carbon dioxide out of the air inside a cabin environment. Wheeler said if you co-utilize them in the right manner, they could help process wastewater.

And as odd as it sounds, using wastewater, or even urine, as a source of nutrients for plant growth could be an option. Aboard the space station, U.S. astronauts use the Environmental Control and Life Support System — a system that collects and recycles used water, wastewater and urine.

While the recent movie made it seem like growing potatoes on Mars was a no-brainer, a lot of research has gone into making that a real possibility. With humans expected to plant boots on Mars in the next couple of decades, solving the challenges of growing plants in space today is critical to our journey to the Red Planet.
Last Updated: Feb. 17, 2016
Editor: Linda Herridge
Tags: Journey to Mars, Kennedy Space Center

Take your figurative sea-lily and stick it where the figurative sun don’t figuratively shine. You belittle proven science, while your faulty engineering lies on the bottom of Lake Attersee.


YOUR topic includes “sustainability” Yet you continually ‘poop’ on the very well documented processes of sustainability.

To further quote YOU “enlightenment need kings”

Electricity, Water, and Food from Sewage and Sunshine
Richard W. King

The City of San Diego, California, U.S.A. with a regional metropolitan area population of 2.5 million, which is expected to double by the turn of the centuiy, looks to recycling raw sewage as an exploratory model to help meet future water needs as traditional water resources diminish.

The City is studying aquaculture sewage treatment, augmented by ultra filtration, reverse osmosis, and carbon adsorption treatment. A pilot plant with a capacity for 25,000 GPD (94,000 l/d)∗ to 50,000 GPD (188,000 l/d) is operational and a 1.0 MGD (3.8 Ml/d) prototype is under construction, making this the largest system of its kind in the world.

By-products of the aquaculture program, also under investigation, include fuel, animal fodder, agricultural soil “composi”, and commercial fishery potential.

The initial results are highly promising, indicating that the process may be cost effective, energy self-sufficient, except for the reverse osmosis process, and offers an innovative technological breakthrough augmenting conventional sewage treatment, traditional water supplies, and common sources of food, feed and energy.

I would suggest, before you attempt to criticize people on their documentation of the topics you post, while positing yourself as an expert, perhaps you should restrict yourself to topics you actually have comprehension of, or at least make the effort to learn whereof you speak…

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And still…vermicomposting, stable and poop management, is not topic of this thread…and my quest for ( frusha | dohse | nutcase | umpalumpa | ) interference freedom on threads i opened continues…

The topic of this thread is Oceanic Real estate

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