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Continuing the discussion from OTEC - oceanic energy - one of the big five:

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From my other post… :smile:

Speculation a while back about a google floating data center.
Yes this is definitely feasible. And this effort (notwithstanding this instance) is currently ongoing. Great use of the OTEC cold water byproduct - free cooling!

The Blocknet, Internet of Blockchains
Is the freedom of the ocean divided in zones ? - not really
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One “concern” about this is mobility. Would you be locking yourself to a specific location in order to have high speed internet? Theoretically you could use satellite internet tech, though it would create delay in the transmission (which could be overcome through buffering, replication, etc…)
Cool idea though. “Concerned about data security? Concerned about data center sustainability? We have you covered”

Actually this is probably something I can research, as it’s my industry :slight_smile:

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Googles floating data centers came up due to a increasing discomfort with governments pressing the hand over of search data to spy on their citicens…

A ideal solution would be the ocean sphere as data center.

It is draupner safe, encloses a maximum of space with a minimum of building material in the strongest possible way.

ocean sphere from below

ocean sphere from above

ocean sphere inside light conditions

"Ellmer Sphere" Ocean Sphere | oceanic business alliance
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First picture looks straight out of a sci-fi movie :wink:

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no sci fy anymore i built a prototype 1992

This is me bringing that prototype of 20 tons to water.

The prototype on its anchor site ballasted only a small part above the surface

Inside the prototype, nice dry, always equilibrated temperature due to the surrounding water

Then in 2007 i built this 10 times bigger version (room equivalent of a 68 square meter apartment) in Cartagena for a customer from California.

So i can say the business of Google data centers in ocean spheres (blimps) is “well researched”

Google files a patent for a water based data center 2007 to aim for interference freedom…


page 425

The quest for interference freedom: http://concretesubmarine.activeboard.com/t56680633/the-reasons-why-oceanic-business-is-the-next-big-thing-to-co/?sort=firstEntry&page=1#comment-56680639

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We might run into problems of Internet access if our usage becomes controversial.

There are a lot of ways to encrypt data but if we host a site like wikileaks and have our Internet connection going through a single country or even 2 or 3 we could easily have all of our Internet firewalled or the ISPs pressured to shut us down.

Encryption would help but it’s hard to hide the fact that the encrypted data is going to a single place repeatedly.

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Yeah you add lots of encryption, satellite internet, proxy servers, etc. and you start to really get delays. Fine for some applications but not for others. That being said, there’s always a way :smile:

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Google is not allone with its quest for floating oceanic facilities other industries are looking into oceanic solutions.

Going oceanic may well be a meta trend indicating a new phase in human activities…


I’m not sure the ocean really offers all that much in this respect:

interference freedom

To an extent: The regulators can still impose limits and wiretaps where the signal reaches the shore, and if the company is US based then they’ll just order them to hand it over or else. Even if the company isn’t US based the data center is arguably more vulnerable at sea where a raid by the US Navy won’t cause an international incident.

Energy availability

More so than on land?

Access to submarine cable network backbones

Again, only if the cable companies grant access, and even then, why would they be unable to buy that access for a land based facility?

(Wilfried Ellmer) #11

if land based facilities would be an option why would Google look into water based server centers in first place ?


Because they have the money to try out stuff with a marginal chance of success. Land based governments have the power to interfere with ocean based data centers if they want to, I find it hard to believe they’d refrain from doing so.

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The reason why land based governments do not deploy gun boat politics on the ocean anymore is economic inconvenience of neanderthal behavior


Like Rainbow Warrior you mean?

(.) #15

I like to perceive violence as an inconvenient way of behavior. -)

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We will definitly not survive the next 30 years on a 7 billion planet with weapons of mass destruction in the hands of everybody if violence is not dumped into the trash basket of history and we learn to step out of our childhood shoes as a civilization - civilization means exactly that act civilized.


@Spark: Inconvenient for the target, highly convenient for the aggressor.

@Ellmer: Whether or not violence is a good idea doesn’t prove that it’s not a major part of international relations. People do things which aren’t a good idea all the time.

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@Confirmed_Pirate, in fact violence was the base of the theory of “gunboat politics” - with the rise of mutual guaranteed destruction after WW2 we simply reached the “end of the feasibility of the concept” - the rise of the containter trade as only means of supply for all global megacities, chernobyl, global warming, global finance crisis, etc. made the end of all “national concepts” and the end of all violent disruptive concepts just a need for everybody. So the end of violence is not due to better ethics it is due to better business which is a much stronger incentive.

The end of violence in international relationships

You’re saying that as if said cities haven’t been dependent on such trade since before the concept of container ships existed.

Violance was the base of gunboat politics, and it still is. If you think arm-twisting and nationalism are gone then I’d suggest you turn on the news. Any channel will do.

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I am not a strong believer that news are showing any kind of reality i see them rather as “realty show” with violence as selling ingredient - :smile: i donn’t think that you can get a picture of the economic realities on the planet by watchin news - when did you last hear a news about the fact that 50% of all economic assets on the planet are offshored already ? :relaxed:

Three generations ago you would have been able to say that cities are supplied by the surrounding fields - that has changed radically in our modern world…this has impact on the “practicability and usefulness of violence in politics”.

Offshoring megatrend of the century