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The oceanic business alliance is a network of groups dedicated to expand oceanic business and ocean colonization. Our base theory is, that ocean colonization will be driven by the big five of oceanic business and by investor interest.

We seek to connect all key players in oceanic transhumanism to a network capable of creating a forward movement in ocean colonization driven by business and frontier development interests.

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Breakaway Civilization | Seasteading | Ocean Colonization | Advanced Oceanic Cities | Atlantis | Enlightenment | Oceanic Business Alliance | next big thing in business
Galt's Gulch is on the oceans | oceanic business alliance
Breakaway Civilization | Seasteading | Ocean Colonization | Advanced Oceanic Cities | Atlantis | Enlightenment | Oceanic Business Alliance | next big thing in business
Mid-Atlantic Ridge
Podcast: Free Cities, Former Navy Officer Interviews Seasteader
San Jose found - 1000 more sunken galleons out there | oceanic business alliance
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Political autonomy (maybe not essential at first?
Oceanic Real estate | global networking hubs | Extraterritorialized | oceanic business alliance
Maximum depth | tubular concrete structures | hydrostatic load | spheres | oceanic business alliance
End of Year Message
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Floating Island Harbor / Breakwater City
550000 miles of cable hidden under the ocean that power the internet | oceanic business alliance
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So Open Source Ocean Colonization?
I’m sure other users are intrigued

San Jose found - 1000 more sunken galleons out there | oceanic business alliance
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I suggest to focus on the - big five of ocean colonization, center on business .... - and 4 fundamental quests

A new type of architecture domes honeycomb shell structures | business and investment proposals |

I like the term “Open source ocean colonization” …

Why things will not happen like suggested in this thread | understanding the principles of seastead design |

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Just saw this

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And this

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Some designs are pure phantasy - the one above is more realistic comming close to the “bubble cluster concept”.


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Until something is built, it is all fantasy. Looks like the TSI tantasy is a bunch of condos, for millionaires and billionaires, on concrete barges. At least that is more feasible than all of the artsy-fartsy stuff.

I’ll continue working toward something realistic, a seastead based off homestead principles, rather than the next nouveau-riche’ playground. Thank you very much.

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@JL_Frusha - this thread is probably not for you…pls keep “your topics” separated from my space…on the forums - in benefit of the community that is NOT interested in the topics YOU perfer - and wants to read what “other voices have to say too” - without being rudely interrupted, derailed, and declared “not right” by Frusha every single time - it is in benefit of the community - and the plurality of the seasteading movement - Thanks .
The oceanic business alliance thread is interested in | seasteading core technology... and its implementation.... |


piss off I am a member of this forum and YOU are not the owner of this forum. YOU may not dictate to ME what I shall, or shall not participate in.

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yes i know … and sadly there is little i can do about it.…(politics, argueing, ideological trench wars, agressive toodlering, social class talk, negativism, around ocean colonization - less is more).…

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I like the picture. And I do not want to tell off anyone. Though I probably did.

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@NickGri - from your posting activity i get that you are knowledgeable in concrete composites beyond the “standard and norm applications” - i believe that oceanic construction will open a free space for new construction technologies. Beside the “inspiration factor” of Callebaut, how realistic is algeaplast ? - as a building method… when it comes to oceanic architecture my favorite visionary architect is Matias Volco. Who is member of this forum @Matias.

Maximum depth | tubular concrete structures | hydrostatic load | spheres | oceanic business alliance
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Elmer, i belive you’d get a better feedback if you explain your ideas with your own words, instead of just throw a bunch of spam to other sites

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This thread is a place where “agressive doddlering” is not welcome - …if you insist in such behavior - go somewhere else. and have your favorite topics of interest there. - do not molest here - i started this thread to talk my topics. And have a word with knowledgeable people that actually CONTRIBUTE something. Or move the knowledgebase for those who actually want to LEARN something about ocean colonization forward.

People who do not contribute, show no willingness to learn, just throw in “negativity” are a “forum pest”. - don’t join that collective it is no service to the seasteading movement.

Links are part of ANY cientific forum to give the “uneducated” a chance to read up and reach the level of the forum - vital part of the scientific fact finding process - to avoid redundancy - so bare with them.

.[quote=“nkronionik, post:13, topic:1385”]
…calling other peoples posting… “throw a bunch of spam”

Have a learning phase and join the “educated forum discussion process” to make this forum a value source for seasteading info.

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Here we go again. I feel sorry about the aggression. This might be a good
time to mention that verbal aggression is aggression too .

My difficulty with aggression of any kind is the proportional and appropriate
response to it. Not to mention about the effectiveness of the response.

So I am trying to give a response that is proportionate, appropriate and effective.
I was not the target of the exchange, but I read it too. Others read it too.

It is probably necessary that, indeed, we express the way we feel, and we do say it out
loud. And at the end a “live and let live” attitude is what I would like to observe.


Will, the point being made is that your aggressive behavior, and the sheer volume of links you post, primarily for website optimization, are the very cause of the negative comments. When anyone disagrees with your point of view, you immediately tell them to go elsewhere, rather than attempting to document things, in support of your claim. Your credibility suffers, when your links inevitably lead to your websites, where you have the choice to post as you want, rather than verifiable, objective documentation, then you claim to want scientific discussion, until the facts point away from your choice, and you immediately want to know what the opinion of others is, rather than facts.

If you want cooperation, you need to be cooperative. If you want people to listen and lend credence to what you say, there are far better ways than telling people to go away, or linking to your websites. If you want people to play nice, then follow the same pattern of behaviour you would like to see.

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whatever your point is - if it is not oceanic - not about building business networks and alliances - and not about ocean colonization it is misplaced on the “oceanic business alliance thread” - and therefore irrelevant - go and open a thread for “whatever discussion you pretend and prefer” under the adequate thread title - do not dragg this thread off topic - getting off topic is a bad service to the seasteading community.

Do not post obsessive repetive (on all threads dragging them off topic into your theme of interest) - use links instead to lead people to other topics to follow IF INTERESTED - on free choice base.

links and references are a key value of the scientific discussion process - we had that here - not spam - (as a uneducated and confused person might think) uneducated people who do not understand that - yet - need to learn - not to be agressive - … end of discussion.…have a learning process read up. - split YOUR topics properly apart, keep thread discipine, for the sake of the auditorium, let everybody have HIS topic but ONLY under the proper thread title.


You mean the thread where you immediately asked for the opinion of the gallery, when confronted with facts…?

My point is cooperation, without which there can be no discussion, no networks and no alliances. Telling people to go away is not the way to gain cooperation, build networks, or find allies.

If you want cooperation, you have to be cooperative. If you want aggression, keep being aggressive. Very simple, really. Don’t expect to find honey, if you’re dipping from the pit under the outhouse.

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As an oceanic business alliance, I am trying to set up floating analytical laboratory testing service.
The main thing would probably be diesel fuel quality testing for ocean going vessels.
Probably in Lon Beach, California USA.
This would be a boat with a complete testing lab in it.
I could get a call on radio or on phone, and I would go and find the vessel using it’s AIS signal.
I would obtain a representative sample of the material to be tested and provide printed results
at site within a short time. I would say from obtaining the sample to result one hour.
I would use ASTM standards
(ASTM = American Society for Testing and Materials)
( American Society of the International Association for Testing and Materials)

Special purpose seasteading | floating laboratory | logistics service | floating industry | oceanic business alliance
Special purpose seasteading | floating laboratory | logistics service | floating industry | oceanic business alliance
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I hope my last comment is on topic.